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Supreme Court v. Common Decency

8Andy texted, “It’s a pissed-off soldier. There’s no angle for gun confiscation. Tell the International Liberals to stand down.” I texted back, “Shoot until you shoot everyone. I don’t care. Just stop covering mass shootings like it’s news. It’s not … finish reading Supreme Court v. Common Decency

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We Love You, Jason

Tonight is a fundraiser for Jason Kanarish, the son of our dearest family friend. I’m happy to report Jason is kicking major league tucas. He’s on the road to recovery. We’re thankful. But there are medical bills, lost wages, the … finish reading We Love You, Jason

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When it comes to spying, Dick Cheney says, “You never know what you’re going to need.” This is an endorsement for spying. Maybe, just maybe, the former vice president, who was a sitting vice president during the biggest attack in … finish reading CLUB VP

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The Brat In The Hat

Let’s repeal the repealers. Let’s overturn unaffordable care. Let’s declare open season on the NRA. Let’s take the brats off the tit, starting with the brat in the hat, Ted Cruz. We need a constitutional amendment declaring it’s over, when … finish reading The Brat In The Hat

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Starbucks: No Glockuccinos

Starbucks has asked customers not to bring guns into their stores. They’re wrong. President Obama has asked Congress to have a meaningful debate on gun control. He’s wrong. Republicans in the House Of Representatives have voted 42-times to repeal The … finish reading Starbucks: No Glockuccinos

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