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We Love You, Jason

Tonight is a fundraiser for Jason Kanarish, the son of our dearest family friend. I’m happy to report Jason is kicking major league tucas. He’s on the road to recovery. We’re thankful. But there are medical bills, lost wages, the … finish reading We Love You, Jason

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Death By Pastrami

She wanted a table for five. “Follow me,” I said, grabbing five menus. On the way to the table, she began yelling in my ear. Caught off guard, as I placed the menus on the table, I turned to her … finish reading Death By Pastrami

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Open Season On The Unarmed

Aaron Alexis should be applauded for shooting up a Navy Yard. It’s the right place to come unglued. We’re not interested in having a thoughtful, productive or rational conversation about guns. We’re not interested in placing the word ‘control’ anywhere … finish reading Open Season On The Unarmed

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Stop Covering The Dark Knight Shooting

It’s not a surprise. It’s predictable. In America, shooting is sport: Columbine, Virginia Tech, Gabby Giffords. We don’t talk about it. So we don’t change. The News Media uses it as a ratings bonanza. The politicians use it as a … finish reading Stop Covering The Dark Knight Shooting

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