Make Believe Hurry
Pastrami with a Side of Kibitz

Pastrami with a Side of Kibitz

Writing about Gaza isn’t going to change Gaza. I’m under no illusions. Talking about Gaza ...

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Sticks & iStones

Sticks & iStones

It’s not a race. But it’s set-up to feel like a race. I’m not talking ...

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Call It What It Is

Call It What It Is

John Boehner wants to sue President Obama. Some would call it frivolous. I’d call it ...

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Not Iron. Not Lady.

Margaret Thatcher was a mean girl’s mean girl. I agree with Pallo Jordan, “Good Riddance.” The world is overrun with bullies. So why should we mourn losing one? Speaking of bullies, Kim Jung-Un needs to shut his pie-hole. Either drop … finish reading Not Iron. Not Lady.

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My Icky Scene Partner

I have a block and a half of sincerity. Then I bottom out. Didn’t mean to insult My Icky Scene Partner. Didn’t mean to push My Icky Scene Partner outside of his comfort zone. Oops! Put me on stage, I’m … finish reading My Icky Scene Partner

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Sunday Afternoon

God wasn’t busy. He took my call. Yes, He confirmed, Rick Warren paid God’s Ultimate Price for generating Anti-Gay Hysteria from the bully pulpit. God never intended for the bully pulpit to be taken literally, where bullies take the pulpit … finish reading Sunday Afternoon

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Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is giving-up $10,750.00. President Obama is giving-up $16,667.00. They’re taking a voluntary pay-cut. It’s an act of solidarity. Remember that word? This is what solidarity looks like when it’s more than a distressed font on a … finish reading SOLIDARITY

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My friends are broken. I’m telling you what my friends are telling me. And I’m doing it like a grown-up, behind their back. On a consistent basis, more consistent than I’m going to waste time qualifying, I end-up listening to … finish reading BROKEN

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Low T

Getting dressed in the locker room, I got pulled into a conversation with 2 old guys: 71 and 66. One of the old guys was going on-and-on about having Low T. He was rattling-off all the perks of adding supplemental … finish reading Low T

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Fool Who Follows

I’ve been the fool. I’ve been the fool who follows. Those are both easy. The hard part is becoming the fool who forgives, mostly himself. How do you know what to do with your life? How do you know who … finish reading Fool Who Follows

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Thank You, Facebook

Never thought I’d say this about Facebook, but this week, I was moved. As red equal signs began taking the place of profile pictures of more and more of my Facebook Friends, on the eve of a decision before the … finish reading Thank You, Facebook

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Till, Swartz & Shepard

Emmett Till was beaten to death. Emmett was beaten so badly, his mother left the casket open. His crime: whistling at a white woman. Aaron Swartz was terrorized by States Attorney Carmen Ortiz. Aaron chose the swift justice of a … finish reading Till, Swartz & Shepard

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Death By Argument

Everyone on TV looks like they’re on the way to play golf, or court. They’re in such a rush to fit-in: neckties, necklaces, cropped hair, beige. If I had kids, I’d tell them to dye their hair pink. If I … finish reading Death By Argument

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