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Key To Gnocchi

#1) Ingredients & Tools #2) Medium Russet & Potato Peeler #3) Boiling Water Salty Like The Sea #4) Mash With 1-Yolk, Parsley, Lemon/Pepper & Wondra Flour #5) Put In Pastry Bag & Cut 1-Inch Pieces Into Simmering Water #6) Smile … finish reading Key To Gnocchi

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Jojo’s Earth-Shattering Breakfast Blog

Growing up in Highland Park, the main breakfast joint was Country Kitchen. Yesterday, I went there for breakfast with my brother. They did not disappoint. I had an omelet with turkey sausage and American Cheese. They whip air into their … finish reading Jojo’s Earth-Shattering Breakfast Blog

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Bien-Bien: Chicken Tacos

The way to make healthy, wholesome food is not by counting calories. You need to get creative. You need to purchase food locally, with an understanding of lean proteins and portion control. Also, bring back respect for carbs. Most notably … finish reading Bien-Bien: Chicken Tacos

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Soup Tips From A Fanatical Soup Chef

1. The most famous soup on earth, Chicken Noodle Soup, seems to be the soup most commonly messed-up. At Max’s Deli, we make a clear chicken broth with bones, skinny egg noodles, topped with big chunks of chicken, carrot and celery. Tip: Don’t Mess with a … finish reading Soup Tips From A Fanatical Soup Chef

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Me Blog You Long Time

I love the holiday season because it reminds me how much I love Chinese food. I love Chinatown because it has Chinese food. I love my friend Hannah Wang because she’s Chinese and her entire family takes me to Chinatown. … finish reading Me Blog You Long Time

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