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Jerry Sandusky is a convicted pedophile. According to reliable sources including newspapers, magazines, and online blogs, there were numerous missed opportunities to investigate allegations, going back as far back as 1998. Who knew? Who knew what? Why did it take … finish reading Pedophile

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Thanks For The Guidance, Mom.

My mom died almost 40 years ago at about the age of 65. At the time, I was a busy guy, starting a family, making career changes. I really did not have time to grieve for the person who, by … finish reading Thanks For The Guidance, Mom.

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WWSD: What Will SCOTUS Do?

The answer to that question is a better question. What has SCOTUS done since Bush v Gore? They have made decisions which changed history, always leaning to the right, severely to the right. The court has no regard for “strict … finish reading WWSD: What Will SCOTUS Do?

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In the late 70’s, when Greg and Joey first discovered their peckers, and the wonder of ejaculation, I was making a few bucks in the home building business. A Junket Company got my name. They invited me to Vegas. It … finish reading “Marker!”

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The God Gene

To say I am not a man of the cloth would probably be the understatement on the century. Like Einstein, I choose not to be an Atheist because it requires too much effort to defend the position. I am not … finish reading The God Gene

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