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Citizens United v. Citizens United

My ego is too big to fail. Standing at the cash register, covering for the cashier as she made a bathroom run, a customer approached me with his check. “Did you know,” he said, “the government plans on taxing tips … finish reading Citizens United v. Citizens United

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Dance, Vladimir, Dance.

It’s being called a hoax, Jew Registration in East Ukraine. 2-things aren’t funny: Black Face and Jew Registration. Sometimes a hoax needs to be taken seriously. Jew Registration in East Ukraine came to light this week. There have been denials, … finish reading Dance, Vladimir, Dance.

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Spirit Airlines, Discounting Torture

Farewell to Wisconsin. We’ll miss the cheese. We’ll miss the cheeseheads. But we won’t miss your governor, Scott Walker. Have fun with secession. Please, in the spirit of a more perfect union, take Rick Perry. But leave Texas. Farewell to … finish reading Spirit Airlines, Discounting Torture

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Supreme Court v. Common Decency

8Andy texted, “It’s a pissed-off soldier. There’s no angle for gun confiscation. Tell the International Liberals to stand down.” I texted back, “Shoot until you shoot everyone. I don’t care. Just stop covering mass shootings like it’s news. It’s not … finish reading Supreme Court v. Common Decency

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Breaking News Snaps

It’s not news: the reaction of families to the reality of Flight MH370 being a casualty of the South Indian Ocean is not news. It’s not news: the reaction of Mick Jagger to the suicide of his girlfriend, L’Wren Scott, … finish reading Breaking News Snaps

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