All Rise For The Childish Spectacle

Antonin Scalia called the State of the Union a “childish spectacle.”

The jury is still out on whether or not the State of the Union is a “childish spectacle.” But in this case, there’s no reasonable doubt: Antonin Scalia is a national embarrassment.

The so-called High Court needs term limits. A decade seems like 1-year too many. Also, Supreme Court Justices need to be constitutionally barred from making public appearances.

Either run for elective office or shut your pie-hole, Antonin!

I was so totally knocked-away, and caught off guard, last night, by President Obama’s ability to bring me to tears. As he talked about gun violence, pointing out all the families sitting in the Capital Rotunda, destroyed by gun violence, urging a vote, repeating a simple line, “They Deserve A Vote,” over and over, again and again, “They Deserve A Vote,” I began to sob.

How embarrassing. Luckily I was alone.

My phone began ringing. But I didn’t pick up. Text messages began appearing. But I didn’t reply. I was too busy swirling in the shitter, overcome with emotion, reveling in the moment.

When we lose the ability to be childish, it’s over.

When the day finally comes that Antonin Scalia admits to himself a gavel doesn’t make him Thor, he might actually find the courage to step out of the delusional arrogance he’s been pretending is his birthright, and reclaim perspective, seeing a grown man who prances around in a robe for what it really is: childish spectacle.

Let’s put down our guns. Let’s lead by example. And show our children bang-bang shoot-shoot is a game best played with fingers, not M16A2’s.

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3 Responses to All Rise For The Childish Spectacle

  1. Babs says:

    Well done, Mr. President, and lotsa luck!! 2014 can’t come fast enough for me. Take it to the people Mr. President, and maybe the people will come through. As fas as Marco Rubio goes. Someone on Morning Joe said he looked like a guy running for fraternity president, not President of the US of A!! It was so totally Mitt Romney redux.

    • Gregor says:

      The State of the Union response doesn’t work, for either party. It’s not a response. Not really. It’s a pre-written stump speech.

      It would be nice, in the future, if the minority party took the night to think about what the president actually had to say, and craft a response.

      As it is, the response comes across like a brat out of his league, throwing a televised tantrum, in a vain attempt to look “presidential,” which is as meaningless as what President Obama called-out as “manufactured crises,” created for the sole purpose of gutting entitlements and grandstanding in the name of bigger military budgets.

      What a hoax.

      Marco Rubio could stand to learn something from actually reflecting on what President Obama did in the Capital Rotunda last night. It was one for the ages.


  2. VinEnEm says:

    One of the abiding mysteries at the Supreme Court is why Justice Clarence Thomas has failed to say a word in almost seven years of arguments. In January 2013, he finally broke his silence, the mystery was replaced by a riddle: Just what did Justice Thomas say?

    The justices were considering the qualifications of a death penalty defense lawyer in Louisiana, and Justice Antonin Scalia noted that she had graduated from Yale Law School, which is Justice Thomas’s alma mater.

    Justice Thomas leaned into his microphone, and in the midst of a great deal of cross talk among the justices, cracked a joke. Or so it seemed to people in the courtroom.

    The court transcript confirms that Justice Thomas spoke, for the first time since Feb. 22, 2006. It attributes these words to him, after a follow-up comment from Justice Scalia concerning a male graduate of Harvard Law School:

    “Well — he did not — .”

    Although the transcription is incomplete, some people in the courtroom understood him to say, in a joshing tone, that a law degree from Yale could actually be proof of incompetence or ineffectiveness. Others thought that he might have been referring to Harvard. What follows in the transcript supports the view that Justice Thomas made an actual point.

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