Stop Covering The Dark Knight Shooting

It’s not a surprise. It’s predictable. In America, shooting is sport: Columbine, Virginia Tech, Gabby Giffords. We don’t talk about it. So we don’t change.

The News Media uses it as a ratings bonanza.

The politicians use it as a photo-op to underscore their compassionate side. They talk about thoughts and prayers. We don’t need thoughts and prayers. We need actions and laws.

The only thing Guns have in common with God is they’re both Man-Made, and incredibly dangerous. Welcome to Backwards Land. Where Safeways are Unsafe. Where movie theaters are shooting ranges. And politicians use national tragedies to have an Oscar Moment on CNN: “I’m ready for my close-up, Wolf.”

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23 Responses to Stop Covering The Dark Knight Shooting

  1. Da Badass says:

    It is time for the President to stand up for our right to be safe and to place real restrictions and limits on guns. Some will cry like babies. But a parent can’t be persuaded by that. He must do the right thing. The mature, intelligent thing. The NRA has way too much political clout. The President needs to stand up and give the citizens his plan for a real CHANGE.

  2. Vince says:

    It won’t take five seconds for a fool like Andy to say, “if a gun owner-carrier had been in there, this would have been stopped.”

    • Gregor says:

      In a dark theater, with tear gas, another gun? That’s the answer? 12-dead, 71-shot. The NRA must be appalled. Those stats should be flipped: 71-dead, 12-shot.

      Thing is, there isn’t always a contrary view. Sometimes, in adult life, there’s an obvious wrong, like now.

      For once, The NRA should step forward and say, “There’s a problem in this country when it comes to respecting the 2nd amendment. With rights come privileges, with privileges come responsibilities, with responsibilities comes a deep respect for the consequences of abusing your rights. Guns aren’t toys. People aren’t targets. The moment has come where the right to bear arms needs to be debated properly in the public square.”

      But this won’t happen. And for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to bow their heads so they appear reflective on a day when they should put their chins up to start the debate, is the ultimate act of cowardice.

  3. Don says:

    What a stupid thing to say. The media should not report this? Come on. The story is huge. The reality is scary. The death is real. If it bleeds, it leads.

    So, maybe, rethink your point and make a sensible one.

    • Gregor says:

      Ok, I’ll re-think my point. I’ll be sensible. Cover the Dark Night Shooting. But tell the story from the proper angle: we have a problem with guns, we’ve reached a point where schools and grocery stores and movie theaters are being treated like a backdrop for a real life video game, but the thing is, when the game ends, and you re-boot, the characters don’t come back to life. Tell the story with real live fury instead of make believe reverence. Tell the story until the politicians are forced to offer real words backed by real plans backed by real laws which make it to the desk of President Obama. Tell the story until The NRA is forced to admit there’s a problem or be denigrated in the public square like Penn State. Tell the story every day, and not just today, not just tomorrow, while it’s “Breaking News,” but every day until the ratings are no longer married to the faulty premise “If It Bleeds It Leads.” Right now, it’s bleeding all over the seats and t-shirts and parking spaces of a movie theater in Aurora.

      You want sensible, Don? There you have it!

  4. Andy says:

    Of course the media will cover this and spin it over and over again. The communist playbook is completely predictable. Take a horrible situation like Colorado and use it as a pretext to take away our God given freedoms. Tell me what law would’ve prevented this shit? I’m sure if Congress just had passed a law saying no guns in a movie theater this guy would’ve been like “dam let me call this shooting off I don’t want to break the Theater Act of 2011″! When the charges are filed lets have our shithouse general counsel of the oyvey blog (Vince for new readers) list the charges on the blog. And then lets have him explain why with all the laws against mass murder aggravated battery discharging a firearm into a crowd ect this animal still chose to do what he did. Maybe because he’s deranged??????? Believe me the lefts concern about this shooting has nothing to do with safety or the victims. They fear an armed population and with good reason. It’s all about control. By the way Chicago had a Communist gun ban for the last 25 years look at the murder rate EVEN WITH A GUN BAN! This is the price of admission to a free country. NRA all the way! Pray for the victims.

    • Greg Morelli says:

      Fuck your prayers. Don’t want em. They’re useless. I called God, to ask for help. But he was busy not existing.

      We didn’t debate this after Columbine. We didn’t debate this after Virginia Tech. We didn’t debate this after Gabby Giffords was shot at Safeway (this is the one time in history where irony absolutely does not apply to the name of the grocery store simply because it’s too fucking sad).

      Your playbook is boring. And it’s always the same. Kick and scream about taking away your “God Given Right.” Guess what, it’s not God Given. God doesn’t exist. Get that through your pedophile protecting head.

      We can debate rights. And amend rights. And take them away, like your stupid fucking side tried to do with gay men and women when it came to marriage equality. You had no problem amending the constitution to take rights away, when it came to kissing and cuddling and spending a lifetime not fucking the person you’re supposed to love the most.

      So what’s the big damn deal about taking the right to bear arms away from a society which is clearly not grown-up enough to handle the responsibility? It worked in Australia. They had a big-boy debate, after a series of horrific shootings, and bought back all the guns. It’s not a perfect society. But gun violence is down to a level where schools and grocery stores and movie theaters are exactly what they’re supposed to be: safe places to learn, shop and leave your candy wrapper on the floor, asshole.

  5. Andy says:

    BTW on my porch enjoying my evening Cigar Rocky Patel and I KNEW how this blog would read, to a tee. Liberals are Liberals. Puff Puff!

    • Greg Morelli says:

      Puff Puff The Magic Dragon, Bitch. I don’t think they should cover the story, since it’s not a story, it’s a make believe photo-op for politicians and the media elite to throw themselves a pity party. They want this kind of story. Especially Mitt, who could barely contain his glee, as he gave his Sermon on the Mount of Shit. This is a dream tragedy: take the focus off the focus. Who cares about tax returns when there’s blood on the streets of Aurora?

  6. Andy says:

    Fuck that bitch I’ll pray for that one specific reason-liberals hate it. Give up your little dreams like the Communists in Australia and Britian. It aint going to happen EVER. I give you this Greg at least your an honest liberal you admit you hate Americas God Given most precious freedom. We need more open liberals like you! Puff Puff!

    • Greg Morelli says:

      Puff Puff! I’m filling my cigar with tobacco, hash, gun powder, 1000 tears from the trail of tears and the parchment I shredded when I ran the constitution through the paper shredder. Puff Puff, Bitch.

      I’m not liberal. I’m rational.

      And I’m done taking shit from cowards like you, cowards who hide their hoods in the closet instead of wearing them out in public. You don’t know the first thing about freedom, since you’re locked in a history you don’t know anything about, quoting men who would’ve enslaved you in poverty, if it hadn’t been for New Deal Heroes like me, who died for your right to Puff Puff until you Puff Puff your lungs with cancer and need Medicaid to save your mother puffing life.

  7. Andy says:

    Yep blacks are doing really well from liberal policies check out the South Side of Chicago. Housing projects were great too! New Dealers what a joke check out Rahm Emanuel lives in Chicago sends his kids to 30,000 private schools. Again not surprising. Good night ladies!

  8. Greg Morelli says:

    Blacks and whites use the same bathroom. Guess what they discovered? When they wipe their ass, they’re the same color.

    It’s no longer against the law to be married if you’re inter-racial, which was a national embarrassment. Soon, it will no longer be against the law to be married if you’re gay, which is something South Africa figured out before we did. How humiliating is that? We’re behind a country, when it comes to equal rights, that lived under Apartheid until 1994.

    Schools aren’t perfect. Teachers are more interested in tenure than teaching. But you can walk into any library in America, and get free access to the Internet.

    Cabrini-Green going up was a good idea. Cabrini-Green coming down was a good idea. You’ll never know if you don’t try. Sometimes things start for great reasons but end terribly. Sometimes things start for questionable reasons but end “Happily Ever After.” So who knows? Not me. For sure not me.

    Good Night, Bitch. Puff Puff…

  9. Remorhaz says:

    Well I for one will be very relieved when they ban all civilian firearms for good! Then we can bask in the safety and security of only the government and it’s paid goons having the means to slaughter us. And criminals? We can be sure that the new law banning guns will disarm them just as effectively as the laws banning drugs have kept dangerous substances such as crack, heroin, etc. completely out of their hands.

    Gun banners – here are the facts – your new law will only decide who the sellers are. That’s it.

    • Gregor says:

      Why, Remorhaz, aren’t your facts supported in Australia, England or Iceland? I’ll tell you why: you’re the goon.

      If you’re going to declare war, or start a revolution, you list grievances, and have at it. Guns, bombs, drugs, the addiction to being right, these are the toys of unimaginative goons, like you.

  10. Vince says:

    How predictable. Andy, “on the porch enjoying my evening cigar.” I bet Rush talks the same way. How perfectly pompous.

    Andy, you are right. Blacks are not doing as well as they should. Generations of blacks have been held down. Sure, some escape, so some like you can point to them and say, “see, they’re ok.” The reality is much different. Imagine being born in the ghetto among thugs and street violence. Your school is decrepit and the cuts have made it even worse. No teacher in their right mind wants to go there. Chances of getting out of that maze of hardship is very difficult. But you and your brothers of the right like it that way. “They are animals.” Right, Andy?

    The civil rights movement and affirmative action have helped, but equality is still way off. I think more needs to be done and you think less. Andy, do YOU think black people and white people are EQUAL? Are blacks inferior? Are they animals? Where do Mexicans fit in? And what about Jews? Arabs? You must have a list and it must have an order. I bet you think blacks are just animals, like a dog. It can be a good dog or a bad dog, but it’s a dog. Come on, tell the truth.

  11. Babs says:

    The premise is wrong. There is no GOD GIVEN RIGHT for anything! Just like there’s not 72 virgins waiting for anyone! Nothing will change until the silent majority (which actually exists and want GUN LEGISLATION but doesn’t have the $$ that the nra has) stand up. NO ONE NEEDS ASSAULT WEAPONS! No one needs TERMINATOR bullets! JEEZUS!

  12. Andy says:

    I’ll waste some time today this is always fun. Name a city or state wh’ere blacks are doing bad and liberals run the show. Take Chicago for instance-Mayor PWL, Governer a whole carnival of PWL’s. The state Senate and house all democrats. The city councils school boards most of the administration stacked with PWL ejaculating liberalism on black people. Democrats in Illinos can do anything they want, if black Americans have issues with their school system talk to the Democrats. We need more Affirmative action at the federal level it’s 5% of contracts. Should be pushed to 10%. No I don’t think blacks are animals I don’t barricade myself in gated communities and write checks to make myself feel better. Mexicans are hard working MFer’s but we can’t have open borders. A country without borders is not a country. Latinos went %45 for Bush if the trend continues we will save our country. Latinos believe in family faith military service entrepenuership decency basically everything Democrats despise. They’ll be okay. I admire Arabs and Muslims when some shithead defiles their religion they fight and fight hard. Great family people too. Very religious folks.

    Vince you were exposed a few blogs ago. It was so obvious how phony you were it nearly blew me off my chair. Not really though I knew it all along. Please no lectures about diversity.

    Barbara assualt weapons are the peoples ultimate check in the balance against the government. Liberals know this and hate the idea of an armed populace. So they come up with ‘public safety’ and a host of other bullshit schemes to scare people into surrendering their freedoms. And you know what so fucked up, they scream against the same arguments for wire tapping or extra pat downs. This proves a back door agenda. God gave us the right to be free and defend ourselves from criminals and Communists

    No if you’ll excuse me I have to work Republicans generally work Saturdays.

    • Gregor says:

      Writing this from work. Took a break. Working on Saturday has nothing to do with being Liberal or Conservative. It has to do with being lucky. I’m grateful for the work. I’m grateful to be busy. Yesterday, on my day-off, all I did was rest, so I’d spring out of bed at 5:35AM to attack the day. I also spent my day-off blogging about the Dark Knight Shooting. Why? I’ll tell you why. Because it’s my side-job, which doesn’t pay me…yet!

      Do you really think assault weapons are your last defense against the government? You’re kidding yourself. If there came a time, or should I say, when there finally comes a time, that you have to overthrow the government with force, you can be damn sure every word and every act and every law will be used to label you a “terror loving terrorist.” Your last defense is using your noggin. Not pulling a trigger.

      Everything is better than it was. And not because Poor White Liberals made it better. Everything is better because we keep moving forward: slavery is part of our shameful past, women not voting is part of our shameful past, blacks drinking from colored waterfountains is part of our shameful past, soon gay men and women not being allowed to marry the person they love the most will be part of our shameful past. So it keeps getting better. Could the schools be better? Yes. Would we be happier if the shootings in Chicago ceased? Yes. Should we keep trying? Hell Fucking Yes.

      I gotta get back to work. The phone is ringing. Lucky me!

    • Billy says:

      Anger and dissapointment with your life Andy is not a substitute for intelligence.

  13. Billy says:

    You see Edwardo, sometimes, writing less gets more.

  14. Babs says:

    Read Adam Winlers book GUNFIGHT: THE BATTLE OVER THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS IN AMERICA. He is a constitutional professor at UCLA. Gunes were regulated in the US early on. Laws that banned carrying concealed weapons on the books from the early 1800′s. The 2nd amendment exists for the purpose of a militia or some military organization provided for by law not for private purposes. The nra had hijacked the constitution and it is time to go back to the original purpose for the 2nd amendment. America has more guns than any other country in the world and more gun violence than any other country in the world!

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