Jerry Sandusky is a convicted pedophile.

According to reliable sources including newspapers, magazines, and online blogs, there were numerous missed opportunities to investigate allegations, going back as far back as 1998. Who knew? Who knew what? Why did it take so long? Why?

These are the questions most folks are asking. These are not, to be clear, the questions I’m asking. Anyone with half a brain, who knows big business – make no mistake, universities are big business – anyone who’s seen big business in action, knows the answer to these questions. So I’m asking a different question. I’m asking a relevant question. Here it is: Where were the Parents and who were the Enablers?

My mother was not educated. But she took in laundry to make money, in addition to raising three kids. My father was not educated. But he was an entrepreneur, who used what little profit he made to support his family along with “extracurricular activities.” In other words, horses and other women.

So when you take into consideration what they had to work with, you could say my parents were “busy people.” Yet I knew, from an early age, that anybody touching me, in a more than a friendly way, was a “Stranger Danger.”

Now, to be clear, we did not use the phrase “Stranger Danger.” But I specifically remember getting the lecture from my mom, many times. And I specifically remember her teaching me modesty, as well as respect for other people’s privacy.

Where were the parents?

At our parish, we had Priests and Brothers. The Priests were in charge. The Brothers were our friends, running “Bull Sessions,” where we could talk openly about issues, both with and without girls, as we battled the demons lurking in our hormones.

The Priests gathered information from us about the behavior of the Brothers. At the time, I didn’t know why. But in hindsight, I get it. They knew there were “Brothers with Issues.”

So they kept their eyes open. All the kids knew which Brothers to stay away from, and how to squirm away from icky touching. Life was hard for the pedophiles. Life was good for the kids.

Where were the folks in charge?

All my life, I have known about boys liking boys. We did not know about girls liking girls, probably because girls holding hands, whispering in corners, and hugging each other, for the most part, is how we perceived girls as being girls. What I’m saying is we knew girls were weird.

How come we knew all these things back in the Bronx? Even before we had all the fancy pants psychologists, making big money on TV, helping us “verbalize.”

It was pretty simple back then. We had Freddy and Camellia, who were a brother and sister, living together, who would come for Sunday Dinner. We had strict instructions on what we could and could not say. Mom once told me she wondered about their life, especially since they lived in a one bedroom apartment.

We had Uncle Louie, who would come for Sunday Dinner. Uncle Louie was a bachelor. Mom said Uncle Louie loved steam baths.

We had Uncle Joe, from Canada, who would sleep on the sofa in our living room when he came for Sunday Dinner. Mom did not like all the tickling. So she made sure to wake-up before we did, keeping us away from Uncle Joe’s inappropriate fingers.

Where were the Moms?

When my kids were young, I told them stories about Freddy and Camellia, about Uncle Louie, about Uncle Joe, about tickling being the opposite of funny. I explained about boys liking boys; I explained how some girls holding hands with other girls are into holding more than just hands.

When Greg went to overnight camp, and came up against a counselor who was trying to “hone his craft,” on the kids in his cabin, Greg knew exactly what to do: band together and protect those at risk. Most pedophiles go after the easy prey. My kids knew what to do. My kids knew how to outsmart a creep.

Where were the Dads?

Sandusky may be a pedophile. But he should not be the pedophile we worry about. If the folks in charge, and the parents, were doing their job, this pedophile would have had a tough time “honing his craft.”

The pedophiles we have to worry about are the ones hiding in the weeds, pouncing on our young when they cannot defend themselves. The ones who take them away in cars, never to be seen again. The ones who kill, once they’ve had their way, to protect their brokenness. These are the pedophiles who should keep us up at night, listening for tell tale sounds.

I’m not saying Jerry Sandusky in not a pedophile. But to be Brutal, to be Frank, that’s exactly what I am saying.

We need another name for a guy who destroys our kids, and their future, with inappropriate behavior, and then is protected by Parents and Enablers, so he can continue “honing his craft.” We need a word for the Enablers who help him develop and improve his technique. Jerry Sandusky had a long and fulfilling career. He probably left hundreds of damaged children in his wake. He did it with the help of numerous Enablers and “So Called Parents.” If any one of these folks had done their job, Sandusky’s career would have been the opposite of fulfilling.

All those kids were victims. Jerry Sandusky is nothing more than a criminal who was enabled. And the Enablers are scumbags.

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17 Responses to Pedophile

  1. Don says:

    How right you are Frank. The parents let those boys wear those tight shorts that are practically see thru when they sweat. And, in reality, most of them problably liked it. I mean, come on, what young boy doesn’t like a good blow job.

    Not a single complaint in all those years. All those kids, satisfied and happy. Sure, now they complain, 20 years later, when they are losers looking for a quick pay day. Fucking lawers make me sick.

  2. Gregor says:

    You gotta admire this new breed of criminal, hiding in plain sight: whether it’s coaches taking advantage of kids, or bankers swindling tax payers with TARP, or the Koch Brothers exploiting Citizens United, or the former Vice President of the United States encouraging the Secretary of State to go before the United Nations and knowingly lie about WMD’s. They’re fearless. Mostly because there’s no sense of accountability.

    Simon, my camp counselor, made it easy for us. Once his behavior became “creepy,” the boys got together and made a pact never to be alone with Simon. I remember one of the boys went to hang out with Simon alone and came back crying. We gave him zero sympathy. Instead, we berated him for going alone, something he never did again. By the next summer, we all came back to enjoy camp, and Simon was gone.

    Poof. Vamoose, Son Of A Bitch!

  3. Vince says:

    What a creepy post.

    • Gregor says:

      Creepy is a great way to describe what we’ve allowed to go on because we’re uncomfortable discussing it. I find it creepy when parents raise their kids to be easy targets for charming predators instead of heads-up and smart about who you allow to cross the threshold of your comfort zone. I find polite conversation about sick people to be creepy.

      I really, really like what Andy has to say next…

  4. Andy says:

    I went to a Catholic High School. We had priests and brothers too. One brother Brother Brouillette was a guidance counselor. He was one of the more popular brothers-he’d allow us to smoke in his office. My best friend Ted told me Brother Brouillette had invited him to the Hard Rock Cafe where they could have drinks and have a nice dinner. Ted turned him down. The year after I graduated I opened the paper to see this degenerate arrested for trying to set up a date with a 12 year old boy at a local hotdog stand. The church bailed him out (200k) he got probation and was reassigned. Surprise Surprise it wasn’t his first time up. This shithead had been carrying on since the 60′s. They just kept reassigning him over and over. He finally was thrown out after 40+ years of sodomizing children. My best friend Jay’s wife is a dedicated true believing Catholic. She has sons that serve as alter boys. When I heard this shit I let Jay have it something fierce. When I open the paper and read about yet another priest scandal I’m not surprised. What’s going to surprise me is when one of these degenerates turns up straight. When I hear about a priest carrying on with a grown woman then I’ll be shocked. Catholic women these are your sons! Where are the fathers of these young boys looking to beat this punk’s ass for sodomizing their sons?!?!?!?! The Catholic church should release all records of their clergy that have been accused of being pedophiles. If they refuse federal law should compel them to release the records. Personally I think this ends when a father of a traumatized child walks into Sunday mass and blows the priest’s head off (we’ll have a real blood offering for all you Catholics out there) sits down in the large chair and says “someone better call the police”! And request a trial by jury. Read this link scroll down to scandals in the USA. There was also a class action suit against the Irish Brothers. The Suntimes had a full page ad saying the statute of limitations was about to expire. Google Brother Brouillette it’s some sick shit!

    • Gregor says:

      You want creepy? Here’s creepy. Straight from Andy’s Link:

      “According to the Chicago-Sun Times, in 1998 Brother Robert Brouillette was arrested in Joliet, Illinois, for indecent solicitation of a child. In 2002, a civil lawsuit was filed in Cook County, Illinois, against Brother Brouillette for sexual assault against a 21 year old man.”

      Yuk! What the Fuck is with the Fucking Church?!!!

  5. Babs says:

    Maybe Vince, the lawyer, can answer a question. Why is it that if a normal citizen molested a young boy he would go on trial and if convicted go to jail. Yet a man of the cloth is not arrested or even thrown out of the ministry? What protection is given because of his clerical position? Is it because most of the families of these unfortunate kids go to the church hirearchy instead of the police? Once again, just like with our Congress, not enough women in ministry!

  6. Vince says:

    Babs, most often, the problems with criminal prosecution is that the statute of limitations has run. Once the statute runs, the only remaining legal remedy is a civil suit for damages. Compounding the problem is the cover-up and the relocation of the perverted priest; often to other countries, making jurisdiction very difficult.

    • B Frank says:

      The answer is informed kids. Vince, have you talked to your kids today?

      • Vince says:

        Frank, every day. I problably talk too much. But they seem to dig me and never seem bored. As a father of two girls, I am trying to make them into lesbians, this way, no men will ever get a chance with them. I can’t see why women like men.

  7. news blogspot says:

    It’s a good post.

  8. Vince says:

    By the way, I disagree in large part. You may be able to inform a 13 year old how to protect himself, or herself. I say may, as these preditors seduce the kids and play head games that out fox the foxes. But with younger kids, say 6-10, when it’s a trusted love one who is the perverted preditor, and the game is so wicked, the kids are defenseless. What could you possible tell a 6 year old to protect them from a horney uncle with an evil purpose and strange game?

  9. Don says:

    Stop it. Little girls are raped. The men should be killed. Boys are given what they want. In the Cuban American experience, young adolescent boys are given “kisses” to their penis to clam them down by the grand mothers. Check it out.

    Boys need attention. They don’t care where it comes from. Boys are different than girls. Sex is sex. A tight, pink hole is just a tight, pink hole. Unless you don’t wipe properly.

  10. Babs says:

    Vince, you can’t guard against everyone and everything. But you can try. Little kids, little stories about good touching and bad touching. Big kids, bigger stories and more understanding of a bad situation. There will always be bad people doing bad things. But more parental guidance is a good thing. But when their young, you have to be their eyes and ears. And most of all guard the electronic shit!!

  11. Babs says:

    Louis Freeh investigation into Penn State find all 4-Curley, Spanier, Schultz & Paterno lied with a “willful disregard to childrens welfare!!! Absolutely no different from the Catholic Church! Lets see if anyone goes to jail? It’s shocking how big shots get off scott free (Wall Street, Vice-President Cheney war criminal, Catholic Priests, Penn State to name a few).

  12. Andy says:

    Who thefuck is Don? Grandmothers kissing their grandson’s dicks???? Freak please leave!

  13. Don says:

    It sounds to me like Andy might have raped as a young boy. And now, sAndy is wondering if she is gay or straight. Andy, do you watch gay porn? That does not make you gay, but it might be a clue. Do you wear a thong? Do you scratch your balls and sniff your finger? Wait, never mind, all guys do that.

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