The Economy Is Fine, Stupid.

You’re wrong, Mister President. The economy is fine. Why backpedal? Why clarify? Do you really need David Axelrod on CNN tap dancing? David Axelrod has no rhythm. And what’s with the mustache? Seriously.

Try going the other way, Mister President. Try leaning-in.

In case you haven’t noticed, being in the bubble, this is an election year. It’s clear to those of us out here, rolling our eyes at those of you in the bubble. It’s absolutely clear: “The Economy is Fine, Stupid.”

We’ve seen it going on for almost 4-years. We know what’s going on. We can’t be duped, not even by clever spin sold in Newsrooms by expensive liars.

Republicans are determined to undermine everything, so they can run on the easiest possible talking point: “The Economy Is Not Doing Fine, Stupid!”

Until both parties stop the endless campaigning, and get down to the actual business of governing, the economy will continue to move at the speed of dial-up access.


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9 Responses to The Economy Is Fine, Stupid.

  1. Steven says:

    We don’t get the Presidents potential
    We get the President

    As a matter of fact, I’m a pretty good guy
    It’s not like I’m selling America a bunch of lies (and drone attacking innocent people for an excuse to make money)…

    The song very cathartic after a girl acts like a lunatic, and when your 44 and single with three happens often..You would have to be nuts to deal with my kids voluntarily..

    BTW do you have any new music .I am a big fan and I was listening to that song and my son who is a music snob, but with really good taste, said that you are an amazing writer. And he said alot of his online reddit buddies would like your music.You should post it on your site for download and have it play when the site comes up..

    • Gregor says:

      I have written a bunch of new songs. Every time I think about posting them on, I feel vain and the memories of people telling me how much my voice “sucks” haunt me. When it comes to the arts, I suffer from learned helplessness. I took too many punches to my pride.

      That said, maybe I’ll suck it up and post a new video this week. But it’s daunting. I’m tired of abuse masquerading as constructive criticism.

  2. vince says:

    The economy is fine. The “private sector is doing just fine.” This is the new reality. This is the new world order. If you are not part of the ultra-rich, you are a peon (Someone with the lowest social standing, such that commoners may pee on them with impunity. One social level below serfs, untouchables, and freshmen).

    Get used to it. Cit United was a final nail in the closed coffin for the middle class.

    What to do? Be happy. Enjoy what you have, not what “they” have. Love your family and friends. Eat your poisoned food with a smile, breathe your polluted, toxic air as long as you can and rub as much KY on your anus for the royal screw job you’ll face from here on out.

    • Gregor says:

      I’ve had a hard time adjusting to my life being “just fine.” Used to imagine my life was going to be “exceptional.” But I was wrong. It’s hard letting go of thinking you’re special, or good at something, or if you’re good at something, you’ll be recognized for it. I’ve struggled, unsuccessfully, since graduating from Tisch School of the Arts to make it. I failed at everything. Now, you could try to make me feel better about it by saying at least I tried to make it at things which are exceptionally difficult to succeed at. But the truth is, plenty of people, who grew up in more challenging circumstances, way more challenging, made it. So the evidence suggests: I’m sub par. This is hard to swallow. It’s tempting to buy into “American Exceptionalism,” or the idea that my love is better because I’m straight, or carry concealed so I can manufacture a crisis where it’s legal to “Stand Your Ground,” like loading a gun for Ted Nugent, sending him the gun, buying him a plane ticket to Florida, first class, of course, and then meeting him in Alligator Alley. But it’s bullshit. Truth is, I’m sub par, like most of the rest of us. And it’s hard to swallow, real hard, damn it.

  3. vince says:

    Greg, you are a super talented star. You have to believe in yourself. You need to become your first fan. Then others will follow.

    • Gregor says:

      This is what I learned on Copacabana Beach, at dawn: if you don’t believe in yourself, if you don’t stand-up for yourself, if you’re not the first one off the bench to jump in on behalf of yourself, then you’re already dead.

      Even the most beautiful sunrise you’ve ever seen on a perfectly gorgeous foggy morning is utterly meaningless if you don’t live to fight another day. So yeah, don’t kid yourself, pal. I’m a big, big fan of me.

      • Vince says:

        Glad to know. Now if LeBron could learn from you, the Heat would have a chance.

        • Gregor says:

          Game 6, against The Celtics, LeBron James played like a champion. It was the kind of performance which could make a fan out of the biggest skeptic.

          Since then, LeBron has retreated. He seems reluctant to push. I understand this tendency. It’s a tragic mistake, one I know too well, unfortunately.

          LeBron is surrounded by all the right people: teammates, coaches, agents, owners, fans, even the press, who want him to succeed and offer the kind of feedback you have to envy. I do.

          Most of the rest of us don’t get guidance with how to turn our craft into something we’re recognized for, which leads to meandering which leads to lack of self-confidence which leads to selling Rugelach. Oy!

          But you have to admit, Vince, in the 1st Game of the finals, Oklahoma City played team ball in the 4th quarter. No one has more talent in the NBA than The Heat. But they play like divas, not teammates.

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