Thank You, Mister President.

What am I going to do, with nothing to scream about? Who am I, without a cause? What are you doing, Mister President? Are you trying to win me over?

It’s working.

This week, I’m going to track down The Obama Headquarters. This week, I’m going to volunteer. This week, I’m going to begin weaving-in the small steps of taking the huge leap in re-electing Barack Hussein Obama to the presidency of the United States of America.

I’m sold.

When I think of all the gay kids who finally have a president willing to stick his neck out for them, when I think of all the gay couples who can stop waiting for the president to “evolve,” when I think of Ed Campanelli, the first friend I ever had who came out to me, and forced me to ask myself not what I believe, but why I believe what I believe, I feel history winking at me.


I would ask President Obama to meet with Vice President Biden; I would ask President Obama to meet with Vice President Cheney; both leaders have expressed a desire for marriage equality. Their reasons are different, but just as beautiful. Dick Cheney wants marriage equality because his daughter is gay and what parent wants their child to be second-class? Joe Biden wants marriage equality because he’s Joe Biden, and when he was asked about gay marriage, he couldn’t bottle-up the lie anymore. How sweet is that?


The relationship between Joe Biden and Barack Obama is everything you could hope for in Washington. It’s clear these men couldn’t be more different. And yet, they listen to each other. Their needs and interests mirror our needs and interests. It doesn’t matter if Joe is known for gaffes and Barack is known for eloquence. This week, for a change, it wasn’t about style. President Obama listened to Vice President Biden, and in doing so, brought all of us into a debate more meaningful than anything else, a debate more important than anything else, a debate about equality.


I lived in New York City for 15-years. I stayed 4-years too long. I became cynical. I moved to Chicago. Over the course of 8-years, I became a non-practicing optimist. But not anymore. Things have changed. I recognize what it is: change I can believe in.


As if queer was anything but a different way of looking at something we’ve grown too accustomed to calling “normal,” for lack of imagination. As of Wednesday, May 9th, 2012, for the first time since I was an easily wounded teenager, once again, I’m proud to say, I’m an optimist.

Thank you, Mister President.

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13 Responses to Thank You, Mister President.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cant put my name since I am in the closet gay but this is what i think about this

    • Gregor says:

      I’d say I hope you come out of the closet. But that’s bullshit. Maybe you get-off on being in the closet. If you do, by all means, stay there, pal. But if you step back from the cliff of self-hatred, you might start to realize we’ve all been responsible for putting you there by allowing the national debate to be humiliating. Gay Kids are killing themselves, literally. Just last week, Kenneth Weishuhn took his life. He was a boy. He never made it to a man. Why? Because the rest of us who got to manhood let him down. Finally, President Obama has given a full-throated endorsement to Gay Equality. I read your link. Actually, that’s a lie. I glanced at your link. But the writing was too cynical. And today, I’m not in the mood.

  2. Babs says:

    I don’t believe the first post. I think it’s a T bagger trying to keep spewing BS. But I believe in Obama/Biden. I believe it was time, or long past time, to give equality for all, something for which this country finally does stand for, a chance! But we can’t let up. We now have to go forward and push for full equality for women, blacks, gays, and the least among us. We have to be better than we were. We can’t go backwards. We must go FORWARD!

  3. Vince says:

    It is pathetic that these are the issues of the day. In the 1990′s, I imagined that by 2010′s, we’d be working as a world to solve global problems. With the USA momentum at the time, our problems would have, should have all been solved, allowing us to turn our focus to those with the least throughout the world. Instead, Republicans have dragged this great nation down and backwards.

    Simple fact that Obama should make his entire platform:
    The Democrats are for the PEOPLE.
    The Republicans are for the CORPORATIONS; and the Supreme Court can try as hard as they want, Corporations are not PEOPLE.

  4. Steven says:

    Vince i think that is what Obama is doing although Obama has been very friendly to corporations, look at GE no taxes billions in profits, Wall Street up huge. middle class shrinking.Its just Romney will be even more friendly to corporations that’s why the money is starting to flow to him. The problem with states rights on this issue is the Federal tax system is based on whether you are married. Our immigration law is also in part based on this. So it is tied federally.As long as the consequences fall out of state boundaries there needs to be a federal amendment. Or since Obama makes executive orders when it comes to invasions of Libya or Killing citizens with no trial, why does he not just make an executive order for this. Everybody has always know he was for gay marriage and I if I had to guess Biden really screwed up. They must have done polling in swing states and for him to have pissed off his base this long there must have been a reason. I am not a big Obama fan but I must say he is a great politician.

  5. Steven says:

    I always could not understand why Obama did not come out for gay marriage because the national polls showed a trend that more and more people even republicans were for it. But I think they were thinking forward and knew Romney was going to be the nominee and that his weakness being a mormon was with the evangelicals. I think the one issue that gets those people out is gay marriage. Just look at North Carlina where Santorum and Gingrich got 23 percent and they dropped out. The fact that high administration people have leaked that they were really mad that Biden did that means they must of been furious to throw him under the bus that he had to actually apologize for saying he was for gay marriage.

  6. Steven says:

    meant to say he had to apologize to the president for I guess saying it first? I am not sure what he was apologizing for because why would he have to apoligize for something a day latter Obama reaffirmed.?

    • Gregor says:

      You know, Steven, there’s a protocol for how things go. It says a lot about the character of Joe Biden that he’d pull the president aside, and let him know he was sorry for getting ahead of the story. You have to wonder why the apology story is in the news. Probably because stepping into the arc of history is daunting, even when it’s the right thing to do, especially when it’s the right thing to do.

  7. Mark says:

    The most unread blog on the net.

    • Gregor says:

      Probably you’re right. I treat the blog like an open mic in my basement: essentially, I’m putting on a show for myself. This is the same approach I took to doing the radio show, when it was on the air. Guess what? Little by little, listener by listener, mean-spirited jerk by mean-spirited jerk, the audience grew. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Mark.

  8. Peter says:

    Ive been watching, reading and wanting to respond or post for over a year. It’s not easy for me. I’m unsure of what to say and very worried about critical people tearing me apart, like I see other suffer.

    This has been an amazing blog, period. It is the tract that our discourse needs. I’m thankful to read here and only wish there was more. More posts and more comments. I know 20 people, maybe 18, that all come here and never post. Now I sayWHY? Step up.

    Let’s get this blog nationally known.

    • Gregor says:

      Thanks for stepping out of the shadows and into the comments, Peter. I welcome your 18-friends to do the same, or not. Can’t really pretend it’s fun to be attacked or have someone taunt you into believing your thoughts are unworthy of expressing. On a week when the president finally gave a voice to millions of boy and girls who have been living in the closet, hiding their sexuality, I have to say, sometimes it’s nice in the closet. Once you put yourself out there, it’s amazing how quickly the lynch mob assembles. I remember when I tried confronting Andrew Breitbart. The police who were there to provide security shoved me down an escalator, literally. It was terrifying. Even worse, they mocked me when I asked to take a picture of their badges, and my hand began to shake. I used to think you stand-up to a bully to win that bully’s respect. But I was wrong. You stand-up to a bully because it’s fun. However, there’s a moment, when you first step-up, when the whole world disappears, and you’re on your own. Whether it’s stepping directly into the face of a bully, or hitting “Post Comment.”

  9. Babs says:

    Mark sure has alot to say! Love folks who are only negative and leave nothing positive behind. We can agree to disagree, but some civility is worth having. LOVE your writing!

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