Didn’t go to NATO.

Even though I live in Chicago, and it felt like I was shirking my responsibility, I didn’t go to NATO. It was touching how many people left a message, to see if I was okay. It’s expected of me. I understand the deal. I put myself out there, as a semi-professional protestor, which is another way of admitting I’m bored, white and terminally privileged. 

Didn’t know what it was about. Didn’t care to investigate. Don’t know why. Usually, I’m on board with creating an opportunity for bullies in badges to earn overtime pay by basing in the noses of our children with taxpayer-funded batons.

Hey, call me what I am: “A Job Creator.”

Maybe I’m growing up. Maybe I’m growing out of it. Or maybe, I’m too tired from getting up at 5AM to make the bagels. In a word: Oy!

As I watched, from a distance, it struck me what an effective photomontage the newspapers created for Chicago’s vigilante mayor, Rahmbo. He showed leaders around the world how easy it’s become to corral unbridled enthusiasm for justice. To draw “First Blood,” you simply treat criminals like dignitaries, police like heroes and protestors like they have it coming.

To my fallen comrades, I say, “We’re better than this. We’re more imaginative than this. Above all else, we’re Anonymous.”

Next time around, I say we pretend like it’s going to be the biggest rally in the history of ever. And then…no one show up.

Let the police stand there, with no chance for overtime. Let the dignitaries wave, at themselves. Let the newspapers create a photomontage of a great big nothing. Then, let the next mayor in the next host city explain his enormous security bill to the taxpayers. Expose the vigilante mayor for what he really is, a fucking wimp.

“Didn’t go to NATO.” That’s my t-shirt. And like justice, it’s for sale.

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5 Responses to DIDN’T GO TO NATO

  1. walnut says:

    Nobody came to protest the Ferris Wheel on the Pier. I was slightly disappointed.

  2. Babs says:

    Between what seemed like a million Repub debates, and the never ending talking heads telling us what to think,and this NATO thing, it seems like we go from election to election non stop. I think everyone is exhausted both from the difficult economic times and the awful rhetoric! Things are improving. Slowly. But they are improving. I think I’m gonna turn off my TV until September and give myself a break from this nonstop BS.

    • Gregor says:

      Wish I could take the summer off to write exclusively about drinking too many beers and kissing too many girls. Right now, I’m into sour beers. It’s my “thing.” Been meeting-up with a friend at Hop Leaf. The beers are amazing. The girls, unfortunately, are into other girls. But they make good “wing men.”

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