Please. And Thank You.

Santorum has “suspended” his campaign. What the what? “Suspend?” Seriously? Call it what it is: Over. Before it began, it was over. Please, oh God of Google, please return the frothy fecal definition to the top of the Google Search for “Santorum.”

Please and thank you.

Zimmerman’s lawyers dropped Zimmerman. Even though their former client set-up a website so “fans” could help pay his legal bills. “Fans?” Seriously? Call them what they are: Sociopaths on a Fox News Frenzy. On the flip side, the Hoodie has become iconic. But it begs the question: Isn’t it time for us to debate “Stand Your Ground.”

Which begs a follow-up question: Isn’t it time for us to have a meaningful discussion about guns?

Which begs a follow-up to the follow-up question: Isn’t it time for us to surround all gatherings of the NRA with a Hoodie Mob?

In case you’ve forgotten, allow me to remind you, Trayvon Martin was 17-years old. Think about that.

Please and thank you.

“Don’t want to hurt your feelings with what I’m about to say,” she said. “It’s okay,” I said, “I’m done trying to get across that you don’t have to say whatever’s on your mind, as long as you perceive it as the truth.” She rolled her eyes. Considered punishing me with silence. Thought better of it. Then said, “I don’t know what you were doing in the comedy clubs while you were in Los Angeles. You’re a great writer. You’re very insightful. But you’re not a comedian.” I felt my head explode. Considered lashing-out in defense of myself. Thought better of it. Then said, “Thanks, Mom.”

On Wednesday, Charles Manson is up for parole. I don’t have a crystal ball. I can’t see the future. If I could, today I would have sold the market short, with The Dow falling 214 points, the worst single day since November of 2011. But I didn’t. And I don’t care. At all. About The Dow’s twisted ride or The Idiot with the Swastika between his crazy eyes. I’m glad he’s not dead. I’m glad he wasn’t executed. Why, you might ask, considering the heinous crimes Manson is guilty of masterminding. To me, time is more humiliating than death. And time has revealed an old, irrelevant, crazy in the eyes crazy, predictable joke. Parole Boards aren’t known for having a sense of humor.

Sorry, Charlie………….NOT!

The Wall Street Journal reported Mitt Romney congratulated Rick Santorum: “Senator Santorum is an able and worthy competitor, and I congratulate him on the campaign he ran. He has proven himself to be an important voice in our party and in the nation. We both recognize that what is most important is putting the failures of the last three years behind us and setting America back on the path to prosperity.” Allow me to interpret what Mitt really meant by setting America back on the path to “prosperity.” Mitt really meant setting America back on the path to “white rule.”

Think about that. Then run out and get a Hoodie. Please and thank you.

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12 Responses to Please. And Thank You.

  1. Andy says:

    Trayvon is a perfect example of how PWL (Phony White Liberals) treat blacks when they enter their gated communities. Zimmerbitch had been running around this gated community armed for years calling 911 and no one seemed to mind. Like I’ve always said these liberals who profess love for blacks and preach equality are the biggest segregationists in America. Al Franken gave lectures to big business about Affirmative Action. Turns out Al was responsible for hiring 124 people in his career. 123 were white. The school he sent his son to was %96 white! What a PWL like the rest of the bastards!

  2. Babs says:

    Read more before you write! Trayvon was visiting his father and his fathers girlfriend in a mixed race gated neighborhood. He blonged their, the gun nut shouldn’t have been there with a gun per the rules of that neighborhood watch group! Sanford, Florida has a history of race relation problems with the black community resulting in 3 police chiefs in 5 years. You are so far off base that probably responding to you is a waste of time!!

  3. jojo says:

    please write on your billion dollar blog or loose the button thank you :love:

    • Smrithi says:

      Why have we not seen an autopsy rroept. What was the trajectory of the bullet? Also, Zimmerman’s story that Trayvon was on his chest and beating him precludes the rest of his story. How could he have pulled his gun with someone on his chest. For this to have happened he had the gun out and was actually stalking the victim. He is saying that Trayvon hit him and broke his nose, knocked him to the ground, was slamming his head against the ground and he kept the gun in his hand so he could conveniently shoot him? Give me a break. Show us some actual facts that support Zimmerman’s story or charge him immediately.

  4. Gregor says:

    Funny you should say. I just published a Billion Dollar Blog on the day before I left LA.

  5. Bill Gates says:

    Its not a button its a tab

  6. Gregor says:

    There’s nothing “phony” about wanting Zimmerman charged for killing Trayvon. There’s no question he shot and killed that young man. Just because the media has decided he’s guilty doesn’t mean he’ll be found guilty in court. By the way, I’m Liberal, but I have no problem taking someone on, nose to nose, with a knuckle sandwich. But this “Stand Your Ground” nonsense isn’t a conservative value, it’s a pussy’s way of dealing with conflict. You have to admit, Andy, if these two had gone blow for blow, like men, someone would’ve lost, but no one would be dead.

    • Anu says:

      Finally, someone else who uosnrdtoed the context of Geraldo’s statement. While I think Geraldo’s opinion was poorly stated his entire point was missed by so many. Most people that have lived long enough know what a trouble maker looks like in the context of a location and that’s regardless of race or ethnicity. Man on top of a ski mountain wearing a ski mask isn’t going to raise any suspicions like that same man wearing such a mask in a store. A man wearing a trench coat when it’s cold and rainy doesn’t raise suspicions but same man wearing a trench coat when it’s hot and the middle of summer is going to raise suspicions. I don’t agree with you on Zimmerman in regards to itching to kill someone. The media has painted this guy as trigger happy when all the facts and details about this case has not been released. The media has also painted Treyvon Martin as some perfect angel which also isn’t true.

  7. Zuckerberg says:

    A button’s worth a grand. A tab’s worth a mil. But aps are worth a bil. Wake up, People!

  8. David Pearl says:

    A spick shooting a jungle boogie isn’t much news. The black just need to scream and shout about something. Al Sharpton shows up on the hustle to lead the riots. Thank G-d good ole clan boys came out in force in Sanford and they shut down any black hoodie riot. Like my grandpa always said, just sting one up and the rest will fall in line. And there aint a chance in hell that fat spick will be found guilty. Even a dumb ass lawyer could get him off this one. The “New Black Panter Party” should all be rounded up and put in jail for putting a bounty on the spick’s head. But you need a white president for that to happen. Just 6 more months.

    • Hatz says:

      Like any slick used car salesman, Mitt will say wvehater he believes is the right thing to say at any given moment. He’s also real good at rhetoric (definition: Bullshit). His slogans are just empty words. If you want to find meaningful words, you must listen to Ron Paul. Mitt is beholden to Wall Street banks, loves TARP bailouts and crony capitalism, big government, more wars, higher taxes, less freedom. For god’s sake, people, don’t be fooled AGAIN!!!Ron Paul our only hope.

  9. Rome says:

    A million thanks for posting this inforamiton.

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