Fuck Kim Kardashian

I don’t mean fuck her hard or fuck her good or fuck her good and hard. I’m not talking about anything pleasurable enough to include mirrors, vibrators or anal beads.

Grudge fucking is fun, so that’s out of the fucking question.

You can’t slap a Kardashian because those bitches get-off on it; you can’t push a Kardashian off the balcony, even though it would be satisfying to hear the thud of a Kardashian body hitting concrete, because the press would pick-up the story, and those bitches get-off on it; you can’t stop watching or facebooking or tuning-in or paying attention to the Kardashians because we get-off on it, bitches!

This is our fault. This is our sickness. We have a case of Cultural Chlamydia. My remote control needs to be swabbed for pus. It burns.

Mommy, it burns.


How much money did Kim spend getting married? Kim got married. Unlike millions of loving gay couples, Kim got married.


I’m not writing this to make a stand. I’m writing this to make a plea: stop. In the name of my cock: stop. In the name of all future boners: stop. In the name of my favorite Jew, Jesus Fucking Christ: stop.

Stop Keeping Up.

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0 Responses to Fuck Kim Kardashian

  1. Mark says:

    Did Bruce Jenner run all those years for Olympic Gold, or so he could Keep Up With The Kardashians? What a sad, sad world they’ve created for us to watch. Wonder what it says about us…

  2. Laura P. says:

    Normally, I would ask you to watch your potty mouth, Gregor. But in this case, it happens to perfectly express just how disgusted I have been by all the Kardashian Nonsense. How on earth do we make it stop? There are so many interesting, hard working, loving people who would benefit from a little bit of attention. And yet, we keep pointing the cameras at all the wrong people, again and again and again. You happen to be incredibly right about one very important thing: STOP.

  3. Andy says:

    :D Amen Greg how did these people get a reality TV show in the first place? Everytime I’m at a check-out I see her face on all the tabloids. This celebrity culture is disgusting. People actually care what this filth does?

  4. Babs says:

    Normally, I would agree with you and ask Greg to watch his potty mouth! Actually, I will still ask Greg to watch his potty mouth! But I ask you, REALLY? Who cares about this gross, conspicuous spending, out of touch family? Why, why, why are they on TV? There are now 7 billion stories on the naked streets. Stop watching this crap, people!

  5. Gregor says:

    I think I’m disgusted because I’m a little bit turned on by Kim: chocolate skin, nice eyes, pretty hair, great tits. See that, I’m infected with this media disease!

  6. ROY says:

    Babs, I hold you in the highest regard. But I have to side with Gregor on this one. If I see one more Kardashian on the news, I’m going to lose my mind. Thank you for swearing on behalf of the rest of us. It felt good to see it in print!

  7. Axl Rose says:

    I have To Disagree Gregor..Out of all the realities stars this family actually are a real family. I only wish I had a family that stayed together when I was growing up instead of a father that fucked me UP the Arse.The kids are actually smart and driven. Like I said Its all a game and your treating it like a capital CRIME.

    You only wish you had as much suCCess has Kardashians. I will still KEEP Up,

  8. Slash says:

    I have to say, Axl, your Dad helped you hit the High C by giving it to you up the Arse. I love the Kardashians. But I don’t think Kim should have gotten married and rubbed millions of gay noses in shit.

  9. Vin Vixious says:

    You are one more fool continuing the movement.

  10. Marie says:

    “Keeping Up With the Morelli Family”. That has a nice ring to me !

    Let’s not forget “Keeping Up With the Occupy Movement” either,by participating in anyway whenever you can !

    PS.Hey, Axl, Hey Slash…no comment. :no-comments:


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