Clean Zuccotti Park. Please, Mayor Bloomberg. Thank You.

We’re not Occupying Zuccotti Park. We’re not Occupying the corner of LaSalle & Jackson. We’re Occupying Wall Street, which is a mindset, not an actual place.

Personally, I hate it when politicians link Wall Street and Main Street. It’s the kind of lazy writing you hear in Poetry 101. In the spirit of lazy writing, here’s a poem I wrote, just now…

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Clean Zuccotti Park

It Stinks like a Zoo

For 11-years, I was lucky enough to live in the East Village of NYC, a block and a half from Tompkins Square Park, on Saint Marks Place. When I first moved there, walking through Tompkins Square Park was a right of passage.

In 1991, it was known as Tent City. We defended the rights of people to live there. In the neighborhood, it was a point of pride. Eventually, Mayor Dinkins disagreed. He tossed everyone out of the park. The police put up barricades.

Of course, we marched. Of course, we protested. Of course, there were speeches, arrests and atonal songs by Lou Reed. Looking back, what we didn’t know, at the time, was how wrong we were. There’s nothing liberating about the stink of piss.

A few years later, after the hoopla died down, they tore apart Tompkins Square Park. They re-planted grass; they made the playground so kids could fall without getting seriously injured; they put in a dog run; they scrub-a-dub-dubbed every inch of the park until the smell of inhumanity was replaced with scent of mulch.

Families came around again. Bands played on weekends. After work, neighbors would throw down a blanket to read a book and share a bottle of wine. The park became a place for everyone to enjoy, instead of a bunch of freeloaders to “Occupy.”

If #OccupyWallStreet is to become a movement, a real movement, for change, real change, it can’t get caught-up in one specific place. Look at Dr. King. He didn’t Occupy the Washington Mall. He marched there, gave a speech for the ages, and as a result of feverishly “Occupying” an unjust mindset, re-imagined the American Dream.

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  1. Vince says:

    Greg, I agree. But right now, right there, it is the hot spot. It is for whatever reason, the heart breat of a beginning life. So right now, the sweat, the piss, the stink are all part of the fight. Don’t disinfect us.

  2. Gregor says:

    Then get ahead of it. Surprise everyone: Vacate Zuccotti Park…willingly. Let Mayor Bloomberg clean the park. It’s his job. All New Yorkers are his constituents, not just rich jerks.

    Once it’s cleaned up, take it back. Then keep it clean. Maybe don’t sleep there. You’d be surprised how fast everyone gets sick. For this to work, it has to last more than one season. I’m not just worried about stink. I’m worried about stamina. We need to pace ourselves, to make #OccupyWallStreet a real movement for change, and not just a media darling that lasted until it got too cold to “care.”

  3. Joe (Not The Plumber) says:

    It is easy to say other people should do the dirty work. I would be more intimidated if the protestors took showers. Otherwise, it looks like a throwback to a Grateful Dead show. You are right, Gregor. Youare wrong, Vince. But I would wager a year’s salary you haven’t made the time in your “busy life” to spend one second at Occupy Wall Street. Don’t give me the “it’s not where I live” spiel. Knowing you, sir, I would wager a second year’s salary you can more than afford to make the trip. These folks are going to get sick, from all of the filth. They will also get sick as the weather turns cold. Will they let the season dictate change? If so, it would reinforce everything I have ever felt about why it is so easy to defeat liberals. You never take the time to put together a meaningful strategy. You just show up and beat on drums. That sure worked will for the Injuns! You are on your way to a trail of tears…

  4. Julie Brent says:

    What has happened to you, Gregor? This blog makes you sound like a reasonable grown-up! I weep for the voice I fell in love with on the radio. Are you punishing the rest of us because you are no longer loved on the air? Please, revert back to the immature voice we love to hate. I feel like I just read an op-ed on the New York Times.

  5. Vince says:

    We have started occupy ft. Lauderdale and tomorrow, thousands, me included, will be there. By, started,I sure do mean, follow the occupy Wallstreet model.

    Joe, the right’s movement, the tea party, is just a Neo-con, well funded KKK rally; with huge corp backing.

    Wallstreet is made up of real people pissed off. Pretty simple. And it’s growing. Watch out.

    Joey, you don’t know enough to ever determine that I am wrong. Disagree, fine. Wrong, you can’t say.

  6. Joe (Not the Plumber) says:

    Joey? Do not confuse me with that kitchen fairy. I do not cook. I grill. But I do not cook. There is a difference. Cooking is for women. Grilling is for men. Cannot tell you how surprised I am that a boy from Highland Park would end up in the kitchen. That is a place for women and Mexicans. I will admit, with pride, The Tea Party is a well-funded, well-organized, strategically effective movement. I would be willing to wager a 3rd year’s salary on Occupy Wall Street not surviving the winter. The Left is only good at making noise. The last time you had a real leader was Martin Luther King Junior. As much as I prefer a bathroom where the colors of the tiles do not mix, if you know what I mean, I have nothing but respect for what Martin Luther King Junior was able to accomplish in his short life. It is too bad that we seem to be a country which looks the other way when our leaders are assassinated. I did not like him. But I would have enjoyed seeing what he did next.

  7. Vince says:


    To wager three years of salary, you must state what your salary is to make the bet.

    Are you betting your salary or the salary of one of the multi-millions unemployed? If its yours, how much so I consider the bet.

    I took the bait.

  8. Joe (Not The Plumber) says:

    What’s the fun of participating in this experiment called “blogging” if you do not “take the bait,” from time to time. I have noticed Babs will no longer acknowledge my existence, as if that solves the problem and makes it as though I am not here, for real, with opinions, worthy of a response. I have noticed many of the folks who make comments tend to want to put people in one camp or the other, with no room for what Brutally Frank calls “Middle Guys.” You can come to the middle from either side, by the way. This is what makes “Middle Guys” hard to pin down. For example, I would be inclined to support Barack Obama over Mitt Romeny. However, he would have to get rid of Timothy Geithner before I could take him seriously as a 2nd Term President. I cannot support a Mormon. But I will over a president who continues to surround himself with the same Wall Street Crooks who got us into this mess in the first place. Grow a pair. I thought you people had big ones. Maybe not mulattoes.

  9. Joey (Not The Plumber) says:

    …I thought you people had big ones. Maybe not mulattoes!

  10. Gregor says:

    I know you are but what am I?

  11. Babs says:

    Point well taken, Vince. Agree to disagree. Be civil. And i can tell Plumber Joe that he only wishes he had some of what you have-a wonderful family,successful law firm, loyalty to and from friends, and a heart with a conscience! One of the reasons we are liberals is because we care about humanity, and don’t march in lockstep and say no to everything for 2 1/2 years with the agenda being get rid of the President! How about doing something-1 effin thing, that would be for the good of “we the people”!

  12. Annie W. says:

    This is certainly an interesting point-of-view. I feel solidarity with the protestors, on Wall Street and LaSalle. I want to support their desire to #Occupy. But I have to agree, from the few times I have been there, it is getting increasingly disgusting. There is nothing moving about lining the streets with trash or spending the night so that by morning, you look homeless instead of resolved. I do not have the answer. I will admit I was angered when I heard Mayor Bloomberg was forcing the protesters out of Zuccotti Park. But maybe it is a good thing. He is the Mayor for all New Yorkers. The protesters might not be crowd who voted for Mayor Bloomberg, but once you are Mayor, you are Mayor for everyone. I do not see why Occupy Wall Street should not make use of the Mayor’s cleaning resources. It is smart to use to your advantage what is made available to you, is it not?

  13. Forrest Gump says:

    NIce writing Mr Greg. They should let that Nice Mr Mayor clean
    up the park for them. Then they could back to there protesting
    stuff.Mama always said Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

  14. Marie says:

    Joey (not the plummer), I just flushed your racist remark and the word you chose to use to describe a bi-racial person, DOWN the TOILET,
    where they belong !
    I can still smell the stench of your racism. Time to get the air freshener and to ignore you,,,from here on in, since you never got your nasty pipes cleaned , like I suggested you do.


  15. Friedrich Nietzsche says:

    “A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his friends.”

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