So, What’s Going On In Egypt?

If you want to understand what’s happening in Egypt, you have to go back to 1987. If you want to understand what happened in 1987, you have to go back to 1973. Since most of you guys were just a twinkle in the eyes of your parents, or discovering what happens when you slowly wash your pecker with long, flowing strokes…let me take you back to the days of yester-year.

Let me explain how this new kind of revolution started.

Unfortunately, our leaders never developed an understanding for spontaneous revolutions. You know, revolutions of the people, by the people, for the people to get democracy. So, over the last 4-decades, they have continued to force the issue by trying to create a democracy before it’s time.

The model for revolutions that succeed was developed by our fore fathers, in 1776. They were well-educated; they knew what they wanted. Luckily for us, the God Guys could not get a strong foot hold, so after our fore fathers completed a successful battle, they formed a Government which has survived over 2-centuries, to the surprise of all the “Established Nations.”

The next attempt at establishing a democracy, from scratch, as opposed to evolving into a democracy, like the Brits, came in 1946, when Israel was created. Sorry to tell you it has been a dismal failure because of the God Guys. I doubt Israel will ever make the transition to real democracy. That is, until the God Guys are exposed as frauds, and the silliness ends.

L’chaim! This too shall come to pass. But probably not in my lifetime (which is what I said about a black president, so you never know).

Next came Russia. There are those who credit Reagan for this sudden transition in the early 1990’s. In a word: Wrong-A-Vue. Russia’s defense spending, and associated propaganda, probably helped delay Russia’s “Sputnik Moment.” Successful revolutions, according to Brually Frank, will not arrive before their time. But they can be delayed by dumb-ass leaders doing dumb-ass things. There are those who say Glasnost was responsible. In a hyphenated word: Wrong-A-Vue.

Let me take you back to the early 1970’s. Let’s return to the happy days of the flight of the Jews out of Russia. If you were a Jew in Russia, back then, you were considered a 2nd class citizen: education and good jobs were denied. So, the Jews left.

They fled to Israel. They fled to the U S of A. Russians said no problem. But actually, it was a problem. A very big problem. “Save Soviet Jews” became the mantra of the day. The Jewish Federation sprang into action.

The first problem Russia faced was the loss of “The Best and The Brightest.” To rub it in, the Jews who escaped sent back money; they also sent back knowledge, telling stories about how the rest of the world was living.

Suddenly, Russians began to realize the information they were being fed by the state was less than accurate. Most important of all, they wanted Levi’s. Nothing comes between a Russian and her jeans. Russian Leaders tried to stop the flow of money and information in the late 1970’s. But the damage was done. In the late 1980’s, they could no longer stop the migration.

The flood gates opened.

I was a big supporter of Soviet Jews in the 1970′s. I helped find housing and jobs. In August of 1989, I traveled back to Russia with a few Former Soviet Jews. We spent 10-days. I saw an educated nation no longer listening to the bullshit propaganda.They wanted Levi’s. It’s the jeans, damn it!

Luckily, there were no God Guys in Russia to try and mess up the transition to democracy. There have been some bumps in the road. But then, to be honest, our great nation has had a few bumps in the road, over the years, like racism, sexism and homophobia.

To be Brutal, to be Frank, knowledge and education is the only formula for a successful transition to democracy. Our so-called-leaders (hyphenated, of course), Republicans and Democrats, have no clue how to recognize when it’s time for the transition to democracy. They have to deal with “The Military Industrial Complex,” which clouds all judgment.

Russia will make it all the way. Iraq will make it all the way. So will Tsunesia. So will Egypt. Afghanistan, I’m sorry to say, will not. By the way, if all this turmoil is not in the best interests of Israel’s religious state or America’s addiction to oil, all I have to say is this: “Sorry, Charlie.”

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14 Responses to So, What’s Going On In Egypt?

  1. Babs says:

    Democracy at work in Egypt! It’s wonderful and inspiring to watch the peaceful progress being made these past few weeks. We don’t know yet what the immediate outcome will be or who will lead this country, but it’s a new beginning! One done without GUNS or violence. The only reason there is no gun violence is because they don’t have guns or crazy 2nd amendment rights! Hail to the Egyptians! They will have bumps in the road (as BF says), and it will not come easy, but it is hard not to feel excitement and hope as we watch!

  2. jem says:

    That’s the most i have ever learned from a BF. L’chaim!

  3. Andy says:

    True Barbara but try that in North Korea. The North Korean Peoples Army would’ve cut down 500,000 protesters withot working up a sweat. Try that under Saddam’s old regime the Republican Guard would’ve slaughtered a peaceful protest. Thank God in heaven for the Egyptian Army’s refusal to obey orders!

  4. Anonymous says:

    tTy looking at the positives and be happy for the Egyptians.Forget North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and watch the Epyptians celebrate for a few days!!

  5. Gregor says:

    I get the feeling what is happening in Egypt is making those of us with an emotional attachment to the 2nd Amendment unhappy, on a level. Truth is, guns are soooooo 2010. Before too long, even in North Korea, with access to the internet, even when it’s “shut down,” it will be impossible to slaughter protestors without the world witnessing and crying out for justice. Sorry, Andy, but these days, fingers on keyboards are more powerful than fingers on triggers.


  6. Andy says:

    Greg you obviously don’t know how repressive the North Korean regime is. They get about five hours of state TV and that’s it-no other contact with the outside world. Those poor people don’t stand a chance at a revolt.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why are you talking about North Korea? Can’t you just celebrate the happiness of the Egyptians for 5 minutes?

  8. Andy says:

    Yes hoorah for Egypt! But N.Korea runs concentration camps, they must be stopped.

  9. Babs says:

    Oye Vey!!! Give it a rest!

  10. Marie says:

    BF,Thanks for the brush up on past history and your lesson on how a real and successful revolution should take place…


  11. James says:

    Gee how insightful the whole world was waiting for your perspective Frank. I bet you get ten requests for TV everyday-NOT. Boring as usual.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Hard to have a discussion with a guy like you with a limited perspective and a closed mind! The whole world isnn’t waiting for Brutally Frank, but some of us find what he has to say interesting. Why bother to come here, James, if you find everyone boring and self involved? If you can’t add anything to the discussion just go away!

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