Chapter 6, VinVegas

Turned my iPhone to “Airplane Mode.” Can’t tell you how helpful this has been. No phone calls, no text messages, no access to the Internet. I can only use my iFuckPhone to tell time and play music, so I’ve made a habit of leaving my headphones at home. Can’t remember the last time I was this disconnected from what’s going on in the world; can’t tell you how nice it is; can’t tell you why I got so caught up in being so hyper-connected. Like cigarettes or gambling boats or running restaurants, you can lose yourself in feeding all these useless needs. It’s especially dangerous if you consider losing control of the gift we’ve created for ourselves, access to endless information at the slightest impulse. We’ve lost the art of slow walks. We roll our eyes at procrastination, as if watching an apple fall off a tree would be unworthy of Isaac Newton’s time. By the way, on purpose, I didn’t call him “Sir.” I’m not writing this to be respectful: of Isaac, myself, or anyone else. Hopefully this is more than venting. Hopefully this is more than ranting. To be Brutal, to be Frank, I’ll leave it to my Dad. He’s looking across the horizon to see what’s next. He’s a “Down The Road” kind of guy. Me, to get a handle on things, I’m looking back. Speaking of looking back…

Anita Hill got a call from the wife of Clarence Thomas.

Get this: a Supreme Court Justice needs his wife to argue the case. What a pussy. Not even a black pussy, just a pussy. In her defense, I understand, on a level, why she called. We carry things around. They nag at us, bother our sense of personal justice, drive us into the compassionless arms of The Lord. Even if we’re pretending it’s behind us. It’s not. Even if we’re pretending it didn’t happen. It did. Even if we pretend “It Is What It Is.” It isn’t, not always. So we drink Dewar’s, slightly shaken. We teach painting instead of making them. We stop singing. We go all-in, believing Aliens conspired with George W. Bush on 9/11. When really, behind all of this, there’s something from our past: some dream we’ve let go of because it got too hard, a cheap job that ended in an expensive lawsuit, a marriage tested where no marriage deserves to be tested, in public; or less severe, but still gnawing, the material needs of the people we love become more important than putting a little time aside, every day, to chase something irrational, instead of a pretty cul-de-sac, with a gate and a guard who expects a bonus on Christmas for creating the illusion of safety.

Clarence Thomas hit-on Anita Hill. I would. She’s got it all: talent, smarts, ambition, a great smile, a world-class legal career, nice tits. Clarence Thomas doesn’t have the guts to be honest with himself, let alone his wife. So 19-years later, after everyone else had forgotten about Long Dong Clarence, his wife makes a phone call, she leaves a message, at 7-in-the-fucking-morning. Why? I’ll tell you why. His past is eating her present. So she pretends to call for an apology; she pretends to call for love of The Lord; she pretends the Olive Branch isn’t a Thorn; but really, it’s because she never went down on her husband, stuck her fist up his ass, like a cruel gavel, pounding away, as she mercilessly teased his cock while her supremely perverted husband surfed the internet for porn, nibbling on slightly burnt bacon, dunking marble rye toast in eggs over medium-well, sipping espresso, in his work robe, until finally, with the permission of his wife, he blews his load – which is the color he secretly wishes he was – into the editorial section of The Wall Street Journal. Basically, she never got to know Clarence.

Too bad for Anita Hill, if only she’d turned her iPhone to “Airplane Mode.”


Vince didn’t like him. Not from the moment he laid eyes on his curly hair and perfectly tanned skin. Vince saw insecurity masquerading as arrogance. This guy, pledging his fraternity house was nothing more than a know-it-all from the North, a spoiled imposter. He reeked of privilege. The mission was clear, he’d squash Morelli.

On pledge week at Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity, the buzz about Morelli was overwhelming. Never had Vince seen someone so unanimously coveted. He was like a prize the brothers were determined to win, in the very first minutes of pledge week. It was a treat to have a student from the North at the University of Florida.

Landing an out of state student added prestige to a fraternity, especially from a big city like Chicago, which made Morelli seem otherworldly, like a foreign exchange student. He must be brilliant, they argued during pledge selection, to get in from out of state. This would help, they argued, to bring up the fraternity’s GPA. Plus, to quote the final pitch, which cemented Morelli getting an offer to pledge, “This dude definitely gets major pussy, bro.”

Vince was the first to cast his vote: Thumbs Up, “This guy is 101% Pi Lam Material.” In celebration of a new pledge, the brothers sang out, “To the window, to the wall, til the sweat drops off my balls, til the bitch breaks down and crawls, shoot off skeet-skeet, Motherfucker, shoot off skeet-skeet, Goddamn, shoot off, shoot off, young lady, make love to a Pi Lam Man.”

It needed to be a long-term strategy, Vince decided. You don’t turn all the brothers against you, right off the bat. You don’t lead with your strong hand, not on the first punch. You pace yourself, build into it. You expose weakness, slowly, then chip away at it. There was no way Vince could persuade all the brothers, right now, this guy was weak. He’d look bitter. He’d give Morelli allies, before he even sensed an enemy. You don’t win by going for the knockout punch on the first swing – that was Iron Mike without Cus D’Amato in his corner – Vince knew how to pace himself. Since childhood, he’d been a Golden Gloves Kick Boxer. Winning took stamina. Winning was a craft. This was going to be fun. Ding!

The Briefcase Boys were an elite group at Pi Lambda Phi. They studied finance, with a minor in art history (for cultural references on dates with sorority girls). They looked ready for a job interview at Goldman Sachs. They got their name by literally carrying a briefcase to campus, like they were going to work, every day, even weekends, especially weekends. It was a mindset. In one semester, Vince had closed the gap between acceptance and leadership. More than looking the part, short-cropped spiky blond hair, impossibly fit, at least a head taller than any of the brothers, Vince became their leader because more than anyone else, he saw himself at the top. He saw himself in the role of leader until it was no longer a role, but as much a part of his DNA as the father he had lost, too young, to cancer and booze.

Vince’s father was a hitter. It had always been that way, so it was normal, it was home. It didn’t take much to provoke his father. But when he lashed out, it was violent. His mother took it. She kept it to herself. If this was as much as she could get from love, she seemed to accept her husband. Until he came home, one day, particularly drunk, dangerously violent. Before she could even acknowledge he’d walked in the door, he took a knockout swing. But on this day, instead of taking it, instead of accepting it, Vince’s mother ducked hard to the left. He put his fist through the wall, leaving a hole bigger than her head. The next day, Vince’s father came home, sober, with supplies to patch the hole. But his mother wouldn’t have it. The hole was there, it was hers and she wanted it exactly where it was, like art hung deliberately low, making even more of a statement. It stayed there, long past all of their friends seeing the hole, long past all of their family seeing the hole, long past Vince remembering to notice.

Every morning, at Pi Lam, when Vince woke up, the first one in the fraternity house, to wake up, every day, even weekends, especially weekends, he saw the hole. Day by day, with stamina, with craft, with everything he owed to his mother, he’d work to fill it.

Morelli was embraced by The Time Travelers. A fringe group of rebels in the fraternity. They smoked pot, slept through class, if they even went to class. They went to midnight showings of Pink Floyd “The Wall,” as if this was a path to insight. They challenged the authority of The Briefcase Boys simply by walking into the room, reeking of pot. With no effort at all, Morelli had fallen from The Golden Boy of Pledge Week to what Vince considered The Leader of the Misfit Toys. Vince had planted seeds of doubt, slowly, letting them grow over the course of the 2nd semester. Then Morelli began publishing letters in the school newspaper, The Florida Alligator. The letters got a lot of attention on campus. The newspaper received more calls about his letters than the weekly columns. Soon, he got a call from the editor. He was offered a weekly column of his own. He called it “Gumption Trap.”

Vince never missed a single thing Morelli wrote. He read them religiously, highlighting sentences as if he was studying for a midterm. Little by little, in conversations at poker games with seniors and brothers in the upper echelon of the fraternity, he’d use Morelli’s own words to plant seeds of doubt. Already, The Briefcase Boys were committed to “Black Balling,” a 2/3rd vote, which led to expulsion from Pi Lam. The moment finally came when Vince saw an opening for the knockout. After a ski trip, where the brothers rented a bus, and took off from school for the week, Morelli published an article where he exposed the antics of the brothers, which were supposed to be hush-hush. He talked about showing porn on the bus, delighting in the reaction of The Little Sisters, who’d come along more for the sport of fucking than skiing. He glorified smoking pot on chairlifts, forecasting a time in America when pot smoking would be elevated, like a chairlift on the high-wire of life, up to the top of the society, up to the top of awareness, up to the top of acceptance, before descending into mainstream, where it would be casually enjoyed, instead of vilified by intellectual cowards. The article underscored the philosophy of fraternity life, “Treat Women Like Whores and Whores Like Women.” It wasn’t a new idea, to be sure. But Morelli did something new, which was, to Vince, a clear declaration of war. He tied the attitude of the ski trip to the spirit of The Briefcase Boys, calling out their behavior, and name, in a public forum, the school newspaper, which was read, on campus, and off, by students, professors and the Dean of Student Affairs, Dean Jim Scott. He did what no one had dared before, he used their name in public, “The Briefcase Boys.”

The protests on campus were immediate. Women’s Groups began protesting in front of Pi Lambda Phi, calling it “Porn Lambda Phi.” Dean Jim Scott opened an investigation into the ski trip, threatening to throw the fraternity off campus. Worst of all, The Little Sisters stopped putting out.

The Briefcase Boys called an emergency meeting. Confusion settled in. No one knew what to do. As Morelli was becoming vilified within the fraternity, for his candor, he was becoming beloved on campus, for his candor. Vince detested weakness. Confusion annoyed him. He knew exactly what to do. Like his mother, he’d seen this coming. So he ducked hard to the left, and came up, swinging.

“Look,” Vince said as he rose to speak, “I voted for this guy. So I was duped, just like the rest of you were duped. I’m not here to say I Told You So. I’m with you on this. We were all duped. Unfortunately, during pledge week, we saw something in Morelli he refuses to see in himself. He aims low. He thinks small. He’s a bottom feeder. He’s bringing all of us with him, to the bottom. He thinks there’s a big lesson at the bottom. You know what’s at the bottom? Losers. Morelli is contagious. He’s a virus with hair gel. Now he’s poisoning the air with words of betrayal. He’s destroying our reputation on campus. There are secrets of the brotherhood you do not bring out into the light of day, let alone publish in the school newspaper.” Heads were nodding. Even a few of the older brothers, from Time Travelers, who’d come to defend Morelli, we’re nodding. They seemed inclined to join the mob Vince was assembling. Sensing the moment, feeling the room was his, knowing he could take this anywhere he wanted, Vince reached into his briefcase, for the words he highlighted with his yellow pen, “Treat women like whores and whores like women? Are you kidding me? Seriously? In the school paper? Come on! This sleeping all day, whining all night, wishy-washy, druggie degenerate won’t be happy until there’s not a single girl on campus who wants to be seen wearing our letters. The letters I wear with pride. The letters I pledged to uphold. The letters of brotherhood. Brother Mine Forever. Not 4-Years But A Lifetime. These aren’t just words. They’re a creed. A promise to reach for greatness. The fist lesson of Pi Lambda Phi is having the courage to follow your convictions. Well, I’m following mine, right now. I make a motion for Black Ball.”

There was a hush. Then a sudden motion to end the meeting made by an older Time Traveler. It got a 2nd. And a 3rd. But not before the president of the fraternity nodded his head, letting Vince know he was behind him. That’s right, Vince thought to himself, the president is behind ME.

Vince didn’t have the title, but there was no question who was in charge. As the meeting broke for the night, Vince was approached, quietly. There was a weekly poker game, by invitation only. The door was opened to the presidential suite, where the poker game took place. Vince walked through it, with the knowledge he was walking into the room as a temporary guest. Soon enough, he wouldn’t need an invitation. Soon enough, he thought to himself, the room would be his.

As he sat down, and the door closed behind him, so too, for the moment, did the hole.

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0 Responses to Chapter 6, VinVegas

  1. Vince Pravato says:

    Great writing. Very interesting. I wish everything I read had me in it.

  2. Gregor says:

    You’re always there, The Ghost, fighting with me over a different view of reaching for greatness, which in the end, isn’t so different, is it, my friend?

  3. Vince says:

    Again I jest. I was being a self centered Vince. In that world, we have Vinceaween coming up, followed by Vincemas. So of course, everything written would have the same subject.

    I was about to sleep when I stumbled upon Chapter 5 and knew I had to post something before Rich took the first spot.

    I like your story, not because there’s a character Vince in it, but because it is great story telling, it is developed smartly and the pressure on both characters is building appropriately. Nice work. Again, I am looking forward to the next post.

    Are going to live in Rio?

  4. Gregor says:

    Even if I did stay in Rio, which would be nice, very nice, at least for the writing of this book, if not for good, even if I decided to live in Rio, I’d certainly return to the states, every year, for April Vince’s Day.

  5. VinVegas says:

    I’d love to go to visit my friend Greg the writer in Rio. I hear The Carnivince is exciting.

  6. Babs says:

    Interesting. This has more of a feeling of a novel than the other stuff.

  7. BF says:

    Slowly, as his member rolled in and then out again he realized the impending shock wave was about to engulf him and take him to the world he needed at this moment, a world of ectasy. Now that’s writting. A little Butowsky with a touch of class. Bronx class.

  8. Babs says:

    By the way-nice hair!!!

  9. Eddie G says:

    Brach, rat a tat on if you must, tweak what needs a rat a tweak. Brach! When are you getting to the great time of you impersonating Millie Vanillie and us tag teaming chick after chick in NY? That the shit for a book.

    Dude, you got mad pen skills, not to mention penis skill brach. So when we connecting in LA to knock out this screen play I have in my head? With your pen and groove jet, the red carpet ride is bump away.

  10. Kip says:

    I remember the speech. He said, “life is like a belt curve. You have your meaty 80% where most people fall in. Then you got your to ten percent, most of who are in this room. Then you got your bottom ten percent. The bottom to the curve. The bottom is like cancer. You got to cut it out or it will infect all the other good cells. THIS guy it the cancer. Wr must cut him out to survive.”

    Holds true to this day.

  11. Kip says:

    Then you got your top ten percent. Not to ten percent

  12. Gregor says:

    You’re hair obsessed, Babs.

  13. Morelli says:

    I’ll be in Los Angeles in December for a screenwriting summit with Syd Field, John Truby, Michael Hauge and Chris Vogler. Still reaching for greatness, even from the bottom: Rat a Tat.

  14. Babs says:

    Poor Kip! He only has one speed-jealous!

  15. Babs says:

    What-you think 3 weeks changes my hair obsession!

  16. Rich says:

    Dude, you gotta tell em a out the time in the Village when you and me got all fucked up and grabbed that girl and took in the alley. Bro, we freaked when she pulled out her dick and I broke her fucking nose. Then you screamed at me. She was crying and you made her feel better by trying to get me to blow her. I said no fucking way and you took her home. How did that end up? Now that’s a fucking story.

  17. all the awesome hair in the wo says:

    yes Babs, it is very nice hair…. I am actually a bit jealous

  18. anonymous says:

    I’m sure Sylvester Stallone falls within the top ten percent

  19. Gregor says:

    Took her home. Cleaned up the blood. Gave her an ice pack for the swelling. Advil for the pain. Spent the next 9-months putting money aside to pay for her nose job. She ended up falling in love with the doctor. They’re married, living in Vermont. We’re facebook friends.

  20. Gregor says:

    The only one Kip is really jealous of is Vince. In fact, the only one any of us are jealous of is Vince.

  21. Sue Sylvester says:

    you have it wrong. stallone doesn’t fall in the 10% I do, and I am the only one that matters anyway

  22. Gregor says:

    And that’s how Sue “C’s” it.

  23. Kip says:

    The only one I am jealous of is you Greg. You are smart, not like everyone says. So figure it out.

  24. VinVegas says:


    I was thinking of something. You are Russel Brand. I would get him to play you in the movie. I know, you want to be the actor. I know. I know. But Russel will take it to another level. Let me try and secure him now. I already spoke to the guy.

    I also have the guy to be your dad. Gabe Kotter, he was the teacher for Vinnie Barbarino in “Welcome Back, Kotter.” But his name is Gabe Kaplan. Almost Kotter in real life.

    Babs should be played by Rosie. Sure, it doesn’t mimic real life, but that would be funny and she will be hot!

    Joey will be played by Joey. He will become a star.

  25. VinVegas says:

    Grand Pa Bernie will be played by Larry David.

  26. VinVegas says:

    Howard Stern, who has a voice inside your head, is played by himself.

  27. VinVegas says:

    It will only happen one time, but the cameo will be huge.

  28. VinVegas says:

    Steven Hymowitz will be okayed by Emilio Estevez. For all of you that do not recognize that name, he is Charlie Sheen’s brother.

  29. VinVegas says:

    Dan will be played by Paul Reubens. He is more easily known as the actor who played Pee-Wee Herman.

  30. VinVegas says:

    Kip will be played by Mel Gibson.

  31. VinVegas says:

    Cris Rock will be Ed G.

  32. VinVegas says:

    Rich Peraza will be played by Kevin Bacon. He needs a fresh role to jump start his career.

  33. VinVegas says:

    Greg’s girl friend will be played by Juliette Lewis.

  34. Gregor says:

    VinVegas will be played by VinVegas, with Jack Black as the understudy.

  35. VinVegas says:

    Your cousin Stacy will be played by Jessica Simpson.

  36. VinVegas says:

    Harvey Wells will be played by Dennis Quai. He needs a new job.

  37. VinVegas says:

    Ok, Russel turned me down. Greg will play Greg.

  38. kip says:

    You got it all wrong. Like usual. Greg will be played by John Heder; he played the lead in Napoleon Dynomite.

  39. kip says:

    I don’t know Greg’s dad, but I think Coach Mike Ditka should have been his dad, maybe then he would have grown up to be a man. So I’m casting Ditka.

  40. Gregor says:

    While this is all very flattering, even the insults from Kip, especially the insults from Kip, before anyone is cast, first I have to write the damn thing. And stay focused, which is harder than you might think. To be Brutal, to be Frank, Coach Ditka couldn’t have been a stronger male role model than my Dad: he worked every single day, including weekends; at 69-years old he still works every single day, including weekends; he took the kids on camping trips; he was the only dad to go on field trips back when we were in elementary school; when we first opened Joey’s Brickhouse, my Dad washed dishes; he even came to Gainesville, in case you’re forgetting, Kip, to investigate when I’d been kicked out of school; he was right, I’d been kicked out of school; he was furious, but quickly forgave and supported me when I got accepted to Tisch. My Dad pushed me when I needed pushing. My Dad got out of my way when I asserted myself. He’s been an unbelievable husband, which I’ve been privileged to see, firsthand. So Fuck You, Kip.

  41. Anonymous says:

    to see, firsthand. So Fuck You, Kip.

  42. Babs says:

    I don’t know why you bother to answer whatshisname. He doesn’t know Dad or Mike Ditka, who I know, and isn’t fit to lick Dads boots! Those of us who know whatshisname know who and what he is, and he’s not worth the eamil this is written on. My advise, for what it’s worth, is to not get ahead of yourself. Just be focused and put pen to paper, feel good about what your doing, and don’t be rushed. It ain’t easy! Maybe it will work and maybe it won’t, but at least you are doing what you love, and when you are done this is only another chapter!

  43. anonymous says:

    da bears

  44. kip says:

    I will be played by Johny Depp.

    Steve will be played by Winona Ryder.

    Vince will be played by Drew Carey.

  45. Kip says:

    Just to be clear, while Greg and I may have issues, my post was not meant to criticize Greg’s dad in any way.

  46. Kip says:

    And for the record, I do remeber the eggs in the hole.

  47. Rich says:

    Greg is right (But think of Leonardo DeCaprio for my character). Let him write the book first. How long does it take to write a book? That stripper wrote the movie Jewnew in a couple weeks. Can’t be that hard….

    Chapter One.
    I was 15 when I decided to join the army. School wasn’t too hard, especially when you don’t go. The army seemed like a good idea, to my dad. I remember waking up at 5 AM to head out to the train to start a journey that would last the rest of my life.

  48. Ovi Levy says:


    Take your time and stay true to yourself and all good things will come.

    Before I wrote my first book, I read a great book by Robert McKee called Story. I highly recommend it. Every idea needs a plan.

  49. Pete says:

    What cha thinken. Peeps don’t read books no more. Writing a book in dis day and age is like putting out an 8 track. You gotta think ahead. Cutting edge. The future. Speak your story into a app for Apple. Then you sell it chapter by chapter. Do I hear cha ching?

  50. re Pete says:

    What cha thinken. Peeps don’t read books no more. Writing a book in dis day and age is like putting out an 8 track. You gotta think ahead. Cutting edge. The future. Speak your story into a app for Apple. Then you sell it chapter by chapter. Do I hear cha ching?

  51. Ovi Levy says:


    Make not thy tail broader than thy wings.

  52. Pete says:


    Hear about the gay Jewish weeble wobble?

    He Blew.

  53. re Pete says:


    Hear about the gay Jewish weeble wobble?

    He Blew.

  54. Pete says:

    I should have written, “what do you call a gay jewish weeble wobble?” a He-blew.

  55. re Pete says:

    I should have written, “what do you call a gay jewish weeble wobble?” a He-blew.

  56. Ovi Levy says:

    My great grandmother, G-d rest he soul, told me this when I was 5 years old: Don’t approach a goat from the front, a horse from the back, or a fool from any side.

  57. Rich says:

    I have and idea Greg. I have the most unbelievable storys. Man, I was all over the world in the craziest shit you wouldn’t even think is possible with the craziest people who you all read about everyday in all the tabloid magazines and shit. I will sit with you Greg, and I’ll give you all my great material and you got a great penmanship and together we knock off a book. We can call it An Army of One. I like that.

  58. Ovi Levy says:

    When a thief kisses you, count your teeth.

  59. Kip says:

    What is with this blog? We have strayed off topic. Let’s get back to Vince being the asshole he is. By the way, I was the one that really got blackballed. And Vince wishes he was part of any crew, he and Greg were just misfits. I think the ony people that payed attention to them were each other. Just ask Steve…

  60. Ovi Levy says:

    Surrounding yourself with dwarfs does not make you a giant.

  61. steven says:

    i want to be played by justin beiber..i think the time me and rich were shrooming and then he got the keys to my car, and started riding off i saw out of the window..i called the cops and told them my car is being stolen right now..then we went to st marks pizza where it seemed like they were all midgets kept going look steve its the midget pizzeria, the midget pizzeria..right in front of their faces..that needs to be in the book..

    i dont remember any of that fratertiny crap but i was there for the blowing weed speech where greg got into a fight with adam langdon..i think the quote was “whats wrong with blowing a little weed”..

  62. steven says:

    i forgot why did kip get blackballed

  63. Andy says:


    Barb u know Mike Ditka? How? Tell us about him.


  64. Hadley says:

    Kip was my little brother. I was the president of Pi Lamda Phi. We blackballed a young man for not exhibiting the best characteristics of a pledge. The drug crew resented this action and blackballed my little brother. It was an eye for an eye. Kip went in to another fraternity. We lost contact. I hoped he is well. I am a sports agent in Atlanta and I have a huge clientel. If more of you followed my lead, you’d be better off now.

    I dont really know who Steve is. Was he in Pi Lam?

  65. Jeff Tobin says:

    I received a message from my bro about this site. I was in Pi Lam. I was the crazy man. That landed me in the fed pen for 9 years. They said I was marijuana kink pin. The truth, I made some extra cash. I remember Greg as an amazing guy. He had thus thing with this little tri-delt, and I thought wow.

    I’m ok now. Live and learn. What was her name…Alicia?

  66. Kip says:

    Fuck you Greg. I know this is not Jeff Tobin writing this. Alicia was my girl and she never fucked you. But, you do remember, that you tried to slide it in. Slide it in despite the fact that she was Mine! Thanks friend.

  67. Gregor says:

    Got lucky, never got with Alicia. Got to know her instead. Turns out, the University of Florida was about me dating myself. But yes I had a love crush on Alicia. I just didn’t know how to express my love, at that point in my life. When I say I got lucky, I mean I got lucky because if I had expressed my love to Alicia, I never would have grown into the man I am today. Instead, I would have been hers before I knew the difference between being a Boy and a Man.

  68., says:

    I agree with you.

  69. Hot Rod says:

    My friends. Alicia was not a girl that slept around sure, she slept with me, kip, Greg! Steve, no not Steve, Morelli, Fish, g trap, and others.

  70. Gregor says:

    Nope, Hot Rod, I never got with Alicia. Doesn’t mean I didn’t want to. Unlike Kip, at the time, I didn’t know how. It’s okay, I loved Alicia just like I love Kip: In a way that didn’t work out, in the end, thankfully.

  71. Niger says:

    You were always a star.

  72. Time Travelers says:

    We have SuccessFully traveled to a different dimension where Kip, Alicia, and Greg are married and have threesomes EveryNight

  73. Rich says:

    Life is a waste of time, time is a waste of life, get wasted all the time & you’ll have the time of your life.

  74. jME says:

    Finally had the opportunity to start reading the book. I just blew through the first 6 Chapters (have to stop to head to the Bulls game – yay Bulls).


    This is right. This is real. I am intrigued and entertained and excited, and a little disgusted.

    So good.

    Thank you g$


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