Why So Mad, Max?

Mel Gibson, the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s been 4-years since Mel Gibson showed his true colors. 4-years since he firmly established his position in the bottom 25% of our population that would love to wear white hoods. Those that spew racism and hate when given the opportunity, as they try to get our nation back to the “good ole days.” Back to when our fore fathers created this nation. Back to when we talked the talk about “All Men being Created Equal.” But we did not walk the walk.

4-years ago, Mel lost it after being stopped for a traffic infraction. What came out of his mouth was vintage racism and anti-Semitism. No if, ands or buts about it.

In his defense, he was seriously drunk or on drugs. This condition makes it almost impossible to control one’s ability to suppress one’s true character. In other words, we all have a degree of a-hole in us and when we get drunk we uncontrollably behave like a-holes to the degree we are a-holes.

Things have not gone well for Mel over the last 4-years so he has done all of the mea culpa things necessary to overcome the negative image created 4-years ago. He called it “mea culpa.” We all call it remorse.

Of course, calling it remorse would be much to demeaning for a man like Mel, who truly believes what he spews. But remorse is what he had to show if he wanted to get back in the game, so he did the remorse/mea culpa thing and voila, “He’s BACK.” The new, improved Mel with the a-hole in him pushed waaaay out of sight.

Let me digress a moment and explain remorse: when someone does something offensive, his peers love to see remorse and then they will forgive his transgression. Ask a jury member why they asked for the maximum sentence for a defendant, and they will say, “He did not show remorse.” Showing remorse is not easy for most folks because it is acting and most of us are not trained actors.

I enjoy watching people try to show remorse and fail miserably. My all time favorite is Jimmy Swaggart and his tearful “I have sinned” rendition of remorse. Close, but no cigar!

Last week, Dean Richards gave Mel Gibson a chance to hype his new movie. If you have not seen this interview, I recommend clicking this link. After the normal, boring questions about a movie that sounds like there was no reason to make, Dean asked about the last 4-years. Remember the movie “Doctor Strangelove?” Remember the scene where Peter Sellers (AKA Doctor Strangelove) is getting excited about the bomb and his arm keeps trying to Seig Heil. He keeps pushing it down. Well, that’s what I saw as Mel tried to handle the question. In the end, just like Doctor Strangelove, Mel failed and the a-hole came spewing out of his mouth. I cannot stop watching the video!

To be Brutal, to be Frank, Mel Gibson, the actor, could not show remorse. He wanted to show remorse, he struggled to deliver the lines he had rehearsed, but the a-hole in him came out and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Will this hurt Mel and deal him a setback? You betcha.

Most of the folks in Hollywood are liberal. They don’t forget. Hey Mel, here’s wishing you a flop on this movie and another 4-years until the next. Back to you, Greg.

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