It’s NOT Complicated

There’s a movie out about relationships by Nancy Meyer, the relationship guru, called “It’s Complicated.” I loved the cast. I loved the direction. Sorry, Nancy, but I hated your premise because it’s NOT complicated.

The cast includes Alec Baldwin, Meryl Streep and Steve Martin. The plot is about a divorced couple (Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin) who go to their son’s graduation. They crawl in bed for a quickie. The twist is the ex-wife becomes “the other woman.”

Boy, that’s never happened before!

I wonder where Nancy got the idea? Probably an inspiration from one of her other movies: “Father of the Bride” or “Father of the Bride II” or “Parent Trap.” Oh, no, I know, it was “Baby Boom.” Do you see a trend here?

Let me start by saying to Nancy there’s nothing complicated about anything that happens 50% of the time. So divorce is definitely NOT complicated. Also, there’s nothing complicated about having an affair. 100% of men take the bait. 90% of woman nibble.

So, your Complication must be the ex-wife thing…

Over the years, I’ve seen a number of couples (about 50%) give up on a relationship to seek a better relationship. My personal observation is few succeed. Mostly, those who succeed are going from a heterosexual relationship to a homosexual relationship.

The fastest failures are older men leaving for younger women. Buy young, and you never know what you’re getting: remember, that’s what happened the first time, dummy! So, the ex-wife starts to look good. If it looks good, it is good. So much for the “ex-wife complication.”

What really ruined the movie was the fall back guy, Steve Martin. This jerk was inserted into the plot so Meryl would have a relationship when her sexual curiosity was satisfied, and the reality of her happy life without her ex-husband returned. You just couldn’t help yourself, could you, Nancy? Life is not complete without a relationship.

A successful woman with a great family and a nice house needs a man with baggage to make her life complete. You ruined the movie.

To be Brutal, to be Frank, I found the Tiger Woods Saga much more enjoyable, except for the cast. Tiger is proof of how uncomplicated affairs and divorce are. His “big head” decided he was ready for a wife & kids until his “little head” had a better idea. No harm done, just have a few uncomplicated affairs. Then get an uncomplicated divorce. Fall Back Relationship? Tiger doesn’t need no stinking Fall Back Relationship. By the way, for the record, my wife of 45 years, Babs, totally disagrees with this review. The movie is definitely a “chick flick.”

Back to you, Greg.

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