Coming Out

I’m coming out in favor of Tiger’s wood. I’m coming out against couples who don’t have sex. I’m coming out against New York. I’m coming out against Maine. I’m coming out against anyone who voted for Prop8. In my world, anyone who voted for Prop 8, and is married, should automatically have their marriage annulled, by law. Gregor’s Law. I’m coming out in favor of Tiger’s wood.

I’m coming out in favor of Obama’s surge. I’m coming out against adults who are afraid to dither. I’m coming out against Michael Moore. I’m coming out against Jesse Ventura. I’m coming out against anyone who was against the surge in Afghanistan before the President spoke at West Point, and then, within an hour, went on Larry King Live to let everyone know they were (drum roll please) AGAINST the surge. Take a little time. Take it in. Take a little more time. Take it in further. Think. Dither. I’m coming out in favor of Obama’s surge.

I’m coming out in favor of the pretentious couple who crashed the white house. I’m coming out against Reality TV. I’m coming out against fame obsessed douche bags who want to be famous, but don’t know why. Like the idiot who shot John Lennon. By the way, that should be the name on his tombstone: The Idiot Who Shot John Lennon. If you want to be famous, earn it, work for it, sacrifice to be great at something, like Tiger Woods. I want to thank Tiger Woods for NOT speaking out. It’s such a relief to NOT hear someone explain what’s no ones damn business in the first place. I don’t even want to hear why the pretentious couple thought crashing the white house was okay. I know why. Here’s why: because unlike the previous president, this president is someone who everyone the world over wants to be near. He’s exciting. He’s accomplished. For God’s sake, look who he married. I’m coming out in favor of the pretentious couple who crashed the white house.

I’m coming out in favor of the public option. I’m coming out in favor of triggers. I’m coming out in favor of any bill that makes it to the president’s desk, just to be able to say Na-Ne-Na-Ne-Boo-Boo to Joe Lieberman. I’m coming out against anyone who has universal health care, but, when it comes to the rest of us, votes against universal health care. It’s like Elliot Spitzer putting people in jail for having sex with whores while he was having sex with whores. Gregor’s Law doesn’t cover hypocrites. Anyone who votes against health care for all should have their coverage annulled. By the way, Elliot Spitzer should be in jail, not on MSNBC. As long as we’re talking about jail, for a second here, let me just say this: I don’t care about Amanda Knox, but I do care about Mumia Abu Jamal. Back to health care, which is a hard thing to get back to with all these distractions in the news. I’m coming out in favor of the public option being the public’s option because health care is a human right, and health insurance companies who are lobbying against health care reform should have swine flu injected into their coffee: mmmmm, deep roasted Swine Brew with milk and Splenda.

I’m coming out in favor of Unity Non-Denominational Temple in Oak Park. Last night, in a room designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, real intelligent design, I had the honor of working an event put together by Harvey Wells and WCPT. Bill Press Spoke. Stephanie Miller spoke. But even more exciting, Dick Day spoke: he was local and live on the stage with nationally syndicated progressive voices. Shout out to Karl, for running around Oak Park when we ran out of cheesy noodles; shout out to JenJen and Hannah for pouring drinks with a clear shot of your cleavage; shout out to Joe McArdle, Melissa Ryzy, Kevin Clark and Okinawa Mike. Last night, in a room designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, a room where, sadly, Tiger Woods could get re-married but gay men and women in the state of Illinois still cannot, I had the honor of watching Brutally Frank serve drinks while my brother Joey cooked cheesy noodles side-by-side with Harvey Wells. Now that’s what I call Non-Denominational Unity: a knucklehead and meshuggener…I’m not saying which is which. Thanks to everyone, last night, who came out.

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  1. Sharada Hall says:

    I’ve been following your shenanigans for a while now, Greg, and it’s about f*ing time you got your own gig. You’re one of the funniest, smartest one-man-shows necessarily agree with ALL your arrogant opinions (what’ve you got against Michael Moore?), but I’m super psyched you’re putting it out there to stir people up. People need to get stirred up. We are largely a nation of lazy, apathetic consumers. It’s good to start a fight with them’s fightin words!

  2. Gregor says:

    on december 24th, i’ll be 42. i’m finally ready to put it out there. by the way, on my blog you can say fuck – it’s about f*ing time!

  3. Sharada Hall says:

    at least it only took you 42 years. some people never do it. never get the nerve to put out to the world what they really think no matter what anyone else thinks. people are self-conscious till the day they die.

  4. Gregor says:

    really hope on the day i die, i’m having a good hair day. otherwise, i don’t want to die because what would people say?

  5. vinVegas says:

    Obviously, you been writing from inside your running car. Open the garage before you die. Carbon monoxide will wilt your hair, discolor your face and in the end, a strange purplish orange ooze will run down your lifeless face our of your mouth and nose.

    Tiger Woods is another fucking spoiled brat that just wants all the candy he can eat. And as the days pass, it seems his sticky fingers were all over the candy store. Now that Tiger is paying off the first woman (big mistake) the rest of the them are coming out for their cut. At 2 Billion dollars a year, he might be able to pay them all off. He’s a brat.

    The couple that crashed the White House party is obviously looking to be famous. You coming out for them, confuses me. They ahve a long history of this and by the way, the husband has bankrupted his parent’s wine business. Nice. Sounds like Dubya; which means he’s a lot like Obama.

    The public option is going to end up being the biggest single windfall for the insurance companies. That is a fact. So I do now, seeing the new Gregor, understand why you, Dubya, Delay, Obama, Rush and Hannity all like it. For the rest of us, it sucks. (it mirrors the credi card companies writing the bankrutcy laws).

    As for your gathering, why didn’t the real interesting star of the event speak? That being GREG FUCKING MORELLI!

  6. vinVegas says:

    …companies. The public option is a huge loss. They are falsely fight against it, just so that the dems think “it must be good for the little guy if they are against it.” It’s a fucking trick. Public option = big $$$$ for insurance companies and nothing for us. I am surprised you haven’t caught on. Or, maybe as you are now for the surge against nothing, you have allied yourself with Dubya, Hannity, Obama, and Rush.

    Hey, why not, it’s easier than fighting.

    As for your event, why didn’t the star of the event speak? Meaning GREG FCKING MORELLI.

  7. Gregor says:

    you call them brats. i call them clowns. tiger woods is an overpaid clown. he didn’t run for office on a fake platform of family values.

    he’s into sports: this includes sport fucking. the main problem with sport fucking is all the drama. it’s exhausting. people are exhausting.

    side-pussy, bonus-cock, unfortunately it comes attached to a person. but i’m not concerned with clowns. they’re strictly entertainment.

    as for obama being a lot like bush, that’s a joke.

  8. Gregor says:

    harvey wells wouldn’t let me speak. i asked. but in his world view, stephanie miller, bill press and dick kay are talent.

    i’m just the guy serving the food. it’s okay. i’ve been an outsider for so long, i’m used to it.

  9. VinVegas says:

    Jessie the Body Ventura is the only honest guy out there. He’s a navy seal with a hip replacement, which means he swims in circles. He’s awesome.

    I want Jessie for president. I want Obama to say, “Yeah, I fooled ya once, shame on you, foo…ya ca’t get fooled again, so I resign and appoint a man who real stands for change, President Jessie theBody Ventura.”

    Yes he can.

  10. Gregor says:

    i like jesse ventura. he sounds like me. but he’s unlike me in one key way: he’s a quitter. which makes him like sarah palin.

    he quit being governor because he couldn’t have it all his way, like a wrestling diva. he thought pile driving was a pre-requisite for leading.

    it’s not. even though i like everything jesse says. he never steps back, and takes a 2nd look.

    that said, if he was at the unity temple event, unlike me, you bet your ass he would have been invited to speak.

  11. vinVegas says:

    Jessie never quit. The guy worked his ass off. Took no money from anyone and didn’t have to answer to anyone. He did work on the weekends because he brought home $50,000 after taxes from his day job. So rather than taking kickbacks, he worked to support his family. What a jerk. Working a lawful job on the weekend to support his family, which he couldn’t do on the governor’s salary. Sure his work was announcing USFL and Wrestling. So what?

    And wen he completed his term in office, yes, completed his term in office, he didn’t get any fat handouts like all the politicians get (payoffs for help while in office – come over here and give us a speech for $1 million). Nope.

    Jessie is the fucking man.

    All hale Jessie.

  12. Gregor says:

    i like everything he said on larry king live. i agree with everything he said on larry king live. but it was the same thing before and after president obama’s speech at west point.

    i’m tired of snap know-it-alls. haven’t we had enough people who know everything before and after it happens, regardless of any new opinions?

    i agree we should have a war tax. i agree we should have a draft. i agree we should bring the boys and girls in uniform home. they are, by the way, boys and girls.

    i have worked weekends and weekdays and even paid to do a job. jesse has bigger arms and a waaaay bigger career. but he’s small for playing along with snap know-it-alls.

  13. The Big Toe says:

    Oy Vey!

    An ambulance went to Mr. Tiger Wood’s home at 2:30 in the AM to take a blonde woman out on advanced life support

    My goodness. What is with all of this. The don’t have for want of anything. I tell you, this is what happens when you have too much.

    Somebody should show them some sense.
    God willing, this woman will be ok.

  14. Carol says:

    I’m also coming out against fame-obsessed douchebags! Fuckin’ A! I’m so glad I can write FUCK on a blog comment and not have it censored. This blog is FUCKIN’ AMERICAN! YEAH! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! YEAH! GOD DAMN, THAT FEELS SO FUCKIN’ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!

  15. Gregor says:

    god willing, this woman will knock it off, looking for drama on the coat-tails of her daughter. once again, someone in love with playing the victim.

  16. Gregor says:

    fuckin’ A.

  17. vinVegas says:

    Carol, You must be sooooooooo good in bed, at least vocally.

    This just in:

    Michelle Obama placed a voodoo hex on Tiger. His rating continued to soar while President Obama’s are slipping. She needed someone to take the heat away. She broke out her hex book.

    What, you think it’s a coincidence that Tiger Woods, only two weeks ago was the hero of the world and today he is trailer park trash that is likely to end up on Springer.

  18. james shartu says:

    so your upset with jesse for not changing his mind after hearing the complete bs form obama soon as he evoked 911 i started getting ill and could not even listen anymore.that speech easily could have been made by bush..why are you for the surge besides the fact that micheal moore and jesse ventura did not sellout their princples after a bullshit speech of you believe this was a war of neccessity…

  19. Gregor says:

    i was in new york when we were attacked. i lived at 17 saint marks place, which was in the frozen zone. i was NOT in favor of bombing afghanistan then, because i knew the people of afghanistan would suffer like the people of new york suffered.

    our mayor used 9/11 to grandstand. like osama used the retaliation to prove america was a bully. the guys at the top love war because it gives them a pile of people to stand on top of and pretend to be brave.

    it’s many years later. new york is coming back. but afghanistan is a fucking mess. they need us there more than ever because the guy in charge, the commander in chief, is a man of hope instead of a cowboy.

    so no, i do not believe this was a war of necessity. but it is necessary to provide stability as we prepare to leave. and LEAVE we must.

  20. Sharada Hall says:

    you honestly believe we can provide stability? it’s not our country, how can we provide anything other than a reason to hate us? the taliban is evil, fine, but what the hell do we have to do with it?

  21. Babs says:

    I don’t believe we can do anything in or for Afghanistan. I would leave Iraq and Afghanistan immediately. I am not the President! Who the hell would want to be the President? Thank god our President is not McCain, who never met a war he didn’t like! But I will hold back any quick, uninformed judgements and hope our President has a plan that will get us the hell out of these hellholes in the next few years! If not, I will vote for anyone but President Obama in 2012. Right now I think we can do more good working to get anyone but Ben Nelson, a Dem from Nebraska, re-elected! Put your time and thoughts to better use!!

  22. The Big Toe says:

    Afghanistan is the exact same place it has always been. Please, don’t be fooled.

    You Americans think you can fix things. Some things are just broken.

  23. jojo says:

    Vince…I mean Big Toe, stay in character it’s more gooder that way.

  24. north shore d-bag says:

    is this the same guy that is on AM 820 running around bashing the north shore. why would i eat at max’s deli you are always bashing the jews in the mid-east?

  25. Gregor says:

    i’m a yitzhak rabin jew, which means i hold israel to a higher standard. you call it bashing the jews. i call it living up to the memory of yitzhak.

    as for why you’d eat at max’s deli, if you can find a better deli anywhere in chicago, go there. but you won’t. it’s the best.

  26. The Big Toe says:

    And why should Jewish people fighting with Jews surprise you? Do you not know from history? Even today, the fighting and the shootings are a disgrace. Never before have I seen such violence between Jews. And I should tell you, I came from there only last week.

    Jojo, the Arabs don’t understand learning and, even more, they don’t want it. You don’t think we tried.

  27. Adrian says:

    Are all of you people for real?

    I cannot seem to comprehend this blog. Everyone is all over the place, often contradicting the very things they previously stated.

    Is there really more than one person here?

    Why would anyone besides defense and supply contractors, politicians receiving big money, oil contractors and the like, be in support of a continued war against a overbombed, rubble and rumbled country like Afghanistan? There is nothing there. No Army. No Terrorists. Plenty of dirt piles and mountains.

    By the way, Gregor – y, the best deli is Kaufmans. You let your Italian side vote, that’s why you got confused.

  28. james shartu says:

    Well your right we are trying provide stability..But for who and what..If you dug a little deeper you would realize that we are trying to secure an oil pipeline and also there is money to be made off the opium. Why do you think the opium trade has gone up since we are there..You don’t think we have the technology to bomb their opium fields..We bomb everything else including children..If you listened to Micheal Moore on Larry King he mentioned about karzia relatives got caught involved with opium and the cia involvement..I respect your opinion but before supporting something over the airwaves, remember there are 30000 families that might lose their own brutally Frank and think of their kids..I like listening to your show and i am gay and that is one of the reasons why (because of your support for us)..but after your last show i cannot listen anymore..

  29. Gregor says:

    yes, stability is an illusion. so is love. but it’s worth a shot.

  30. Gregor says:

    i’m confused for many more reasons than my italian side.

    supporting war is a failure from the get-go, which is why bush/cheney need to be tried for war crimes. not only were we attacked on their watch, but they attacked iraq.

    i do believe president obama. so as much as his decision to send more boys and girls goes against everything i stand for, i have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    especially when it comes to something as complicated as ending an invasion.

    by the way, i’m not real. i’m just words on a blog.

  31. Gregor says:

    if your listening to me so you can agree with me, for the love of god, stop listening. you miss the point entirely. i don’t agree with me. i’m trying to figure out what i believe.

    i love michael moore. i though “capatilism: a love story” was the kind of love story we need right now, it was the feel sorta crappy movie of the summer.

    but he’s wrong about afghanistan. not to say i’m right, because i don’t know. but he stuck his ground like we’re back in the days of dubya.

    if you cannot be influenced by words and speeches, then why should i allow myself to be influenced by mister moore’s moives. i’ll tell you why: i trust his heart.

    i feel the same way, at least right now, about the man who wrote “dreams of my father” and “the audacity of hope.” which probably makes me a sucker.

    but you know what, james shartu, stop listening and stop writing on my blog. you’re too sure of yourself to be my pal.

  32. Adrian says:

    Gregor and James, don’t you see? When tow liberal gay men like you are fighting, how can we possibly expect to solve any problem(s) in the world?

    Let’s just throw in the towel ad try ad take care of our own people, give them health care for all, give them jobs making this country truly green, fix the infrastructure, fix the schools, move over to GM totally hydrogen car, no more BLOOD OIL.

    In the immoral words of a not so great man, “ca’t we all just get along.”

  33. vinVegas says:


    Is this Adrian Newman?

    And, how do you know James is gay?

  34. jojo says:

    You are a fusk-tard for saying you respect the radio show yet you will not be listening anymore. You are a bottom and about this I have no doubts. I am also posative you will listen this Sunday. But as a bottom you will not have the balls to call in 773.767.5011.

  35. jojo says:

    Shit I spelled positive wrong :pirate: sowry jenjen

  36. james shartu says:

    You can tell that he sooo did not want to have go against Obama..But sometimes you have to admit when youve been suckered, escpecially for a no-it-all Michael Moore..Must have been a hard pill to swallow..Thats the point we are back in the days of Dubya..At least by his actions..Maybe his heart is better..I know by listening to your show you dont agree with yourself, which I often find amusing…But when it comes to serious life and death stuff all im saying is think before you blabber..When you agree with Rove and Gingrich then maybe theres a problem..Everybody a sucker at least once in their life..for me if been a “SUCKER” all my life and love it..and yes i am a bottom

  37. Gregor says:

    cat we all just get along: MEOW.

  38. Gregor says:

    this week, with uganda killing men & women for being gay, we are ALL gay. right, james?

  39. Adam says:

    Folks, we need to start looking at some facts, and then have opinions. All of you out there obviously know how to use a computer. So use it. Do some digging and get some good information ad post it.

    Fact: Our CIA is in bed with the largest drug dealers in Afghanistan. (smells like an old trick Oli North once used).

    see this article for some INFORMATION:

  40. Adam says:

    I am hereby changing my name to: AdamEvil.

    Administrator, please make a note.

  41. Ovi says:

    Oy Vey!

    My bagel ordering has been supporting the drug war.

    How is that for information gathering Adam?

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